Sex Parties

Sex parties are a higher class of dogging where strangers meet up for sex. A channel 4 documentary who recently aired the famous Dogging tales now looks into the lives of various adults who take part in these secret sex parties and what's involved.

Just like dogging there's no rapport needed it's a quick meet and greet then getting down to having sex. You can take part or watch, there's a room for all sorts of sex acts, a room for Voyeurism, Dominatrix Games with bondage and various sex toys, Jigsaw room with a massive bed which everyone can get on and the female room only for girl on girl action which the guys still try to get involved with. Although it's a more like a comfortable way of dogging in the warmth of a house it may lack the excitement of getting caught or an adventure of having sex in the woods or having car sex. These sex parties are at a cost where dogging is completely FREE for all.