Dogging FAQ

Here are answers to the top dogging questions we get asked.

What is dogging?
The term dogging refers to either having or watching exhibitionist sex in a public or semi-public place, usually outdoors and typically in a car. Sometimes the watchers join in, but usually they just watch.

Why is it called dogging?
There are many possible explanations. The most accepted definition of the term "dogging" is that it comes from the phrase "I am taking the dog for a walk", a term used in British popular culture to mean a number of things, but mainly "I am sneaking off down the pub". Oddly enough, people use this term whether they have a dog or not. So the phrase has evolved from I am off for a quick pint to I am off for a quick shag. Dogging does not mean the women involved are old dogs. Far from it.

How did dogging start?
Dogging has become a bit of a phenomenon in recent years, and unless you live in the back of beyond, you will probably live within 20 miles, maybe less, of a popular dogging spot. In days gone by, people used to talk about having fun in their cars on quiet roads leading to the term Lover's Lane, but that phrase now seems to have gone the way of typewriters and camera film. People used to do a lot of things in private but nowadays they are much more comfortable doing such things in public. Of course, easy access to the Internet has made finding out where such things go on a lot easier.

Where can I go dogging?
Check out our comprehensive dogging locations listing and you will see there are many places up and down the country, so there is bound to be somewhere that suits you. You don't necessarily have to use the nearest spot - especially if you are worried about somebody recognising you there!

Is dogging like swinging?
Although some people who are into dogging are also into swinging (wife-swapping, group sex, orgies etc.), most are not. Dogging is a separate activity altogether which two people in a relationship can easily do without the need to swap partners.

Why is dogging so popular?
It's naughty, it's fun and it's definitely adventurous. The truth of the matter is that quite a number of people love to watch and/or be watched during sex. It's the risque element that brings out the exhibitionism in participants.

What kind of people go dogging?
Unsurprisingly, it is couples who are exhibitionists and are very comfortable with their sexuality. Observers tend to be usually single men, but not always. Doggers come from all walks of life, and most lead quite average lives apart from their occasional "hobby".

Where are the best places for dogging?
Doggers mostly choose open air, somewhat out of the way places, which is why remote car parks tend to be the most common spots.

How widespread is dogging?
Public sex happens in most Western countries in one form or another, to varying degrees, and it is fair to say dogging has really flourished in the United Kingdom. Speak to anyone in the UK and they will know it goes on. There are signs it is spreading to Canada, Australia, Canada and the USA.

I want to try dogging. How do I get started?
That's the spirit. You are only alive once. Read our comprehensive dogging etiquette tips for dogging do's and don'ts.

Is dogging illegal?
Dogging is often considered something of a legal grey area, and the laws regarding public sex, nudity, lewdness, and their enforcement, vary by country and by jurisdiction. If you live, in say Dubai, there will be different laws to those in the Western world regarding sex in public. In the UK, there are laws that protect members of the public from being unwilling witnesses to sexual behaviour or from being harassed or intimidated in their use of public spaces or facilities, which is fair enough in our book. The laws against public sex (primarily the 2003 Sexual Offences Act) are concerned with protecting "unwilling witnesses" from seeing acts of lewdness. Doggers are willing witnesses. Follow this link to get the full run down on dogging and the law

Is dogging dangerous?
There are a number of risks involved in dogging. Any time that you are going to a secluded spot, dealing with strangers, and putting yourself in a compromising position, you are making yourself somewhat vulnerable. Usually everyone is looking for a good time, but crimes can happen, so be cautious and be aware of your surroundings. Let's not beat about the bush here - the main risk of course is sexually transmitted diseases, so be safe and use appropriate contraception.

I don't have a car. Can I still go dogging?
As long as a dogging location is within walking distance or is accessible by public transport, it is possible. Expect some odd looks if you come by taxi.

How do I talk my partner into trying dogging?
Obviously dogging is a consensual activity. Mention the subject of dogging casually and see how your partner responds to the idea. If they are receptive, talk about how a dogging scenario could play out and see if they get turned on by the idea of being watched. It may well be worth taking your partner to a dogging night on an exploratory mission so they can see for themselves what is involved.

I went to a dogging spot and nothing was going on. Why not?
Dogging is more popular in the warmer months, and especially at weekends. You cannot guarantee activity every night and some locations are more popular than others, so we recommend you simply try another time and place.

What should I take along when I go dogging?
A sense of fun and adventure, and a condom or two if you wish to get involved.

We are working to provide you with the most up to date listing of UK wide Dogging Spots. If you know of any places we should check out, please contact us.