Dogging in Avon

This is the most up to date resource on where to enjoy dogging in Avon, including of course dogging in Bristol.

Bath Dogging

Toghill is the spot for Bath doggers. Coming out of Bath, pass the racecourse on your left, and at the offset crossroads on the A420, you will see a car park come picnic area. This can be a very busy spot and achieved infamy a few years ago when a Labour MP, a certain Ron Davies, got caught out. His excuse was he was "looking for badgers". You couldn't make it up.

Bristol Dogging

  • Clifton Downs, overlooking River Avon, near the Zoo. Stick to the car park as the toilets are for a gay crowd, attracted to the glory hole.
  • Also near Clifton Bridge around camera you have Obscura tower which is worth a visit.

    Weston-Super-Mare Dogging

    Huckers Bow car park on Collum Lane is the fun spot for dogging in Weston.

    Another spot you should consider is....
    Aust Wharf - The old Severn Bridge - at the end of Bridge Road.

    We are working to provide you with the most up to date listing of UK wide Dogging Spots. If you know of any places we should check out, please contact us.