Dogging Etiquette

In the act of dogging, there are participants who are actively dogging, and others, the watchers, who are watching what is going on. As dogging has become more popular, a certain set of rules - a dogging etiquette - has developed, which continues to evolve. Follow these dogging signals and you won't go far wrong.

Etiquette for new doggers

  • Use your common sense and be safe at all times.
  • Be polite and courteous at all times.
  • Be patient - there may be quiet nights, and there may be busy nights.
  • Know your legal rights, and be prepared to stand up for your rights.
  • Realise that most dogging occurs at weekends, and just after the sun has gone down.
  • Make sure you know how to handle the situation, as it can become too arousing for some first time doggers.
  • Know the dogging signals. You can watch if the car interior light is switched on, so do not wander around looking into people's cars unless their headlights or brake lights have been flashed or the interior light is on.
    1. Flashing lights – are there any other doggers nearby?
    2. Interior light on – we want to be watched
    3. Window half down – oral sex is on offer
    4. Window fully down – touching is allowed
    5. Door open – full sex is on offer
  • If you see someone you recognise, do not address them by name!
  • It is extremely rare for the police to turn up, but if they do, do not ask them if they want to join in.
  • Be prepared for doggers to be older and/or younger than you.
  • Try not to take any valuables with you.
  • Filming is normally allowed, but put your camera away if you are asked to do so.
  • Show respect to any women you may see, as without them it would be a sausage fest.

Etiquette for watchers

Watchers are considered people who are watching other people have intercourse.
  • Hygiene is paramount. Make sure you’re clean and fresh as if you’re dirty and smelly there aren’t too many people who will let you watch.
  • Take a condom or two in case you decide to join in.
  • If you want to join in, it is essential you ask first.
  • Make sure you understand the dogging signals. So you can watch if the interior light is switched on, you can watch and chat if the windows are rolled down, or you can join in if the car door has been opened from the inside.
  • Take all your belongings with you afterwards - no one likes to see used condoms lying around in a public place.

Etiquette for participants

Participants are the people who are having intercourse at a dogging location.
  • Make sure you and your partner know each other's limits. Discuss what you want to do, what to expect and if you will invite others to join in.
  • Be clean – if you want others to join in, you will need to be clean and hygienic too.
  • Always practise safe sex. Bring plenty of condoms, and lubrication if you need it.
  • Give clear signals to other doggers. The normal dogging signal is to flash your lights once if doggers can come and watch you, and wind your window(s) down to give them a closer look and open a door if you’d like them to touch or join in.
  • Flashing the car brake lights is an old timers dogging signal but is not as popular these days.
  • Another dogging signal that people commonly use is simply to turn the interior light in the car on, turning it on and off a couple of times and then leaving it on, to let people know you are ready and want to be watched.
  • Be noisy if that's your thing (without going over the top) and show you are enjoying it. The more it looks like you’re enjoying it, the more people will enjoy watching.