Britain’s Naughtiest Wood Closed!

News reaches us that The Woodland Trust has been aware of sex hungry men and women regularly using the well known dogging spot at Uffmoor Wood, near Halesowen in Worcestershire for some time, and have taken the decision to close access to the park because of too many doggers using the woodland for naughty dogging sessions.

Uffmoor Wood has long been known to locals as Britain’s naughtiest woodland. It has some two hundred acres of forest that is so naughty that the Woodland Trust has taken the rare step of shutting it down until it improves. Yes, that’s right – the beauty spot at Uffmoor Wood has officially been closed because of too many doggers. So, if you go down to Uffmoor Wood today, you’re sure of a big surprise – you simply won’t be able to get in.

Hollie Anderson of the trust points out that closing a Trust property is unprecedented. “It’s escalated over the years. We’ve owned Uffmoor since the 1980s and it’s only since the 2000s that it’s got really bad. It seems to have something to do with the rise of the internet and social media.”

Gareth Hopkins, regional operations manager for the Woodland Trust, said he hoped the action was “not a permanent measure”.

Uffmoor Wood

Uffmoor Wood

The trust’s website page for Uffmoor Wood has a number of comments in which concerns have been raised. One rambler wrote on the Trust’s message board: “I was at the woods earlier this week. Six cars in the car park, four of them occupied. I assume they were there to ‘make friends’, as though I walked through the woods with my dog for about an hour I saw no one else, at all. On my return to my car, there were several different cars – also occupied.”

It is common knowledge that Uffmoor Wood is ranked as one of the UK’s top dogging locations and this was confirmed by a local dogger called Sam who told us that this really is a great place and that the site attracts many regulars who take advantage of the many private places on offer in the woods. He said that there are many paths that criss cross one another, but if you know where to go, you will have a good time. He said he will have to go searching for other dogging locations in Worcestershire now!

Credit must go to The Birmingham Mail for reporting this story.


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