Big Brother Dogger

Sam Heuston is one of the most memorable Big Brother contestants. Sam appeared in Big Brother series 6 and was a controversial figure mainly due to her very sexual up front nature, and she was referred to as a brazen hussy amongst many other things. She is a very horny woman who just naturally attracts sexual attention and she has a background of showing herself off, and there is no doubt she would make an ideal dogging partner. Silly question, but would you go dogging with this Big Brother star?

sam heuston boobs

She describes herself as “the horniest girl you’ve ever met”, and once had a blog called Sam’s Sex Diaries detailing her sexual exploits. She used to have a MySpace account where she showed a lot of her sexual conquests and there were a lot of cock pictures of the men she had been with.

She just loves flashing her boobs as you can see. We thought we would share these photos with you where she shows off her lovely body, and her fabulous pair of tits.

sam heuston tits
sam heuston boobs
sam heuston pussy

After being evicted from the Big Brother house, Sam had a number of flings including spending some time with lothario Duncan James from the boy band Blue.

She appeared in a lot of Lads mags, including Maxim, Nuts and Zoo and she was offered roles as a sex columnist, and she even became a TV interviewer for a short while. She had a special DVD filmed about her called Laid Bare where she exposes a lot of flesh, and you can buy it from Amazon here.

She never shook off the slag tag though, in fact, she relished in the slag tag and loved being an exhbitionist, and is happy exposing herself in the back of a car, which is why we think she would enjoy dogging.

By way of background, sexy Big Brother star Sam Heuston was born in Cheam in Surrey in 1982. She has blue eyes, is 5 feet 6 inches tall, her boobs are enhanced and she has shoulder length hair. She is neatly trimmed down below, rather than being completely shaven.

So, Sam obviously has a real appetite for sex, and she clearly loves being an exhibitionist. You may want to check out these London dogging locations where you never know – you might just find her if you’re lucky.


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Chantelle Fox Dogging

Chantelle Fox is an extremely randy horny hottie who loves random sex with strangers. She is now a very popular porn star and escort yet she started her porn career making dogging movies. She has been filmed a number of times in true exhibitionist style having fun with other doggers.

Her first movie was called Teen Dogging Virgin, which was a very apt title as Chantelle was out on her first time dogging, yet it isn’t long before she gobbles a stranger and gets him to blow his load very quickly. In the movie she arrives in her car at the dogging location and she is very soon pleasuring a lucky stranger, and you can clearly see Chantelle is very much enjoying it. In the movie she lets the guy play with her pussy, and it doesn’t take long before the she is on her knees giving head to finish the lucky guy off off and leave him with a big smile on his face. Click on the image so you can see the whole scene.

chantelle fox dogging slut

Chantelle Fox Dogging Slut

She has gone on to appear in many other hardcore mainstream porn films showing off her completely shaved body.

By way of background, slender leggy British hottie Chantelle was born in Rugby in Warwickshire in December 1990, and her star sign is Capricorn, and her recent breast enlargement operation gives her boob measurements of 32F.

Chantelle Fox is slim and petite at just five feet one inch tall and she normally has shoulder length hair and is softly spoken. She has changed a lot over the last few years and as well as having a boob job, and botox on her lips, she has gone crazy at the tattoo parlour and is smothered in tattoos, and she has lost count of how many tattoos she now has. She started out in the adult industry in 2008 and first began performing in explicit hardcore movies in 2010. She has gone on to do done erotic adult X-rated features for companies such as Babestation, Bluebird, Killergram, Playboy, Relish Studio 66 and many more; and she now considers her speciality to be watersports. She is just one of many porn stars who has made dogging movies.

Not surprisingly, she has a very big twitter following too, so you may wish to follow Chantelle on twitter, and if you don’t already follow us and you want to see more pictures of horny dogging babes, then we suggest you follow doggingdirect on twitter too.

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Dogging Sites Now Listed On SatNav

Dogging Sites are now so popular they are being listed on sat nav systems to help randy doggers navigate their way to new dogging spots for randy sessions with sex loving strangers.


A36 Dogging Layby

As reported by The Daily Mirror, Peter Wall, 71, was driving home from a business trip when his Garmin satnav device told him he was near a public sex site near Stapleford, Wiltshire. A picture of his Garmin sat-nav even showed a graphic of a man and woman to illustrate the “A36 Dogging Layby”. Mr Wall pulled over a few miles later and took a photograph of the x-rated alert “otherwise nobody would have believed me”. The grandad from Bristol, said: “I phoned my wife to tell her the satnav wanted me to stop at a dogging layby and she jokingly replied, ‘I suppose you’re on your way’”.


Shag Nav Display

A local Salisbury dogging enthusiast called Tony told us “This particular dogging spot is always busy, and we get doggers driving from miles away most weekends to join in the dogging fun. I did wonder why so many people from out of town came to join us, but if this dogging spot is listed on sat nav systems I’m not surprised. Mind you I suppose we should call them shag nav systems now though”!

Tony added that the A36 dogging layby near Salsibury pointed out by the Garmin shag nav system is one of the best dogging locations in Wiltshire!

Credit must go to The Daily Mirror for initially breaking this dogging news item.


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Tamara Grace Goes Dogging

Tamara Grace is a very horny babe who loves dogging with strangers, and she has been filmed a number of times in true exhibitionist style having lots of fun with other doggers.

In the movie A Hot Dogging Mission Tamara is very much up for it, and her boobs are very much on display from start to finish. Soon after arriving at the dogging location she is having her huge boobs groped, before she gets down on her knees to pleasure a series of lucky doggers.

tamara grace tits

Tamara Grace – A Hot Dogging Mission

In one of her early pornstar appearances where she features in the movie High Class Dogging, Tamara is dressed in a short denim skirt, and she is soon involved in a threesome with two lucky guys, and this posh totty clearly enjoys it, and not long afterwards, she is on her knees giving head to finish them off and leave them with a big smile on their faces.

Tamara Grace – High Class Dogging

Other dogging movies she has appeared in include Hot Blonde Dogging which is a very apt title, and the wonderfully titled Dogging Dick Spunkfest where Tamara gets into a wild blowbang style where she takes on a gang of eager doggers who want to upload the contents of their balls all over her pretty face and upturned tits. She has appeared in plenty of other hardcore dogging movies as well as other more mainstream porn films.

By way of background, slender leggy British babe Tamara was born in London in March 1989, and her star sign is Aries, and her enhanced boobs give her measurements of 34C-24-34.

Grace started out in the adult industry in 2009 and first began performing in explicit hardcore movies in 2010. Tamara has appeared in many X-rated features for companies including Brazzers, Daring, Digital Playground, Dorcel, Mofos, Killergram, Pornostatic and Private amongst others.

She is five feet nine inches tall and normally has shoulder length hair and she is softly spoken. She admits to not being a huge gym fan, and uses her strong sexual appetite to get her physical workouts. Tamara has three tattoos as well as piercings in her navel and right nipple, often sporting a tidy landing strip, rather than being completely shaven. Her favourite sexual positions are squatting on top and doggy style. Not surprisingly, she has a very big twitter following too, so you may wish to follow Tamara on twitter, and if you don’t already follow us and you want to see more pictures of horny dogging babes, then we suggest you follow us on twitter too.

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Doctor Demands Official Dogging Areas

A doctor has demanded that official designated dogging areas be set up in the UK, after becoming fed up with stumbling across groups of randy men watching dogging couples having sex in public.

Dr Lisa Van Zyl, from Cardiff Bay, stumbled across one couple romping in their car while showing an elderly pal ancient mine workings near to Fforest Fawr car park. She says she is “exasperated” from constantly knocking on car windows and catching steamy couples in the act, and she is now calling for designated dogging spots in the UK so families with children don’t stumble across couples romping in their cars.

She told Wales Online: “It was quite shocking to find lots of middle aged men watching a couple in a car. If there was a place away from people normally parking and taking their kids out, where people who wanted to avoid being caught, it would be a sensible approach. But the council would never approve such a plan because it would be an electoral disaster.”

She added: “I have no objection in principle to consenting adults enjoying carnal activities with each other. Not even if they wish to do so outdoors with lots of people watching them.”

She has now called on Cardiff council to create “designated, clearly marked areas in Cardiff’s forests and parks in which consenting adults can pursue their hobby without the rest of us having to see them do it. Clearly signposted designated spaces within our public forests and parks with dedicated parking would allow enthusiasts of outdoor sex (both as participants and observers) to enjoy their hobby without accidental interruption by those of us making more traditional use of Cardiff’s outdoor spaces with our dogs, kids, bikes, and friends.”

Dr Van Zyl added: “Anyone who regularly hikes or cycles Cardiff’s forest trails know how popular this hobby has become. I have had incidents in the past where people have parked in cycle lanes. I’m sure I’m not the only cyclist who is getting more than a little exasperated having to knock on the windows of cars containing couples energetically pursuing their hobby to politely ask them to move their car as it is blocking the cycle path.”


Fforest Fawr Car Park

A local Welsh dogging enthusiast called Mervyn told us “I know all the best dogging spots in Cardiff, and the good doctor is right. There are more and more people coming dogging these days, and the car parks are often not big enough, so I can understand why people have to park along the cycle paths. I do like her idea though, maybe we should get together and start a campaign to create official dogging areas.

Credit must go to Wales Online for initially breaking this story.


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16 men watch dogging couple have sex in Swansea car park

News reaches us that up to sixteen doggers have been seen pleasuring themselves whilst watching a kinky dogging couple having sex in Swansea Bay car park.

The men were watching a couple having sex in a car at the well known Jersey Marine location, which has a reputation as one of the best places to enjoy dogging in Wales.


Swansea Dogging Car Park

An LGBT charity was called out by police after it was first thought the doggers were gay men, but it turned out to be a group of enthusiastic heterosexual observers watching a horny heterosexual couple having sex.

Andrew Davies, chief executive of LGBT charity Unity Group Wales, said: “I had a call from South Wales police asking can you go up to Jersey Marine car park as there are between 12 and 16 men in a car park masturbating. Quite often I get asked by the police to go around to Jersey Marine and Penllergare Woods car park as they are known for dogging. I was asked to visit the site, as it was presumed the men were homosexual. However, the group were actually heterosexual men watching a couple having sex.”

He said the group is often contacted by the police to visit both the Jersey Marine site and also by Penllergare Woods, on the motorway services side of the woods, as they were known dogging and cruising spots.

Locals have jumped to the defence of the doggers with one named Pete posting on the Wales Online website “I would prefer to see a sign saying doggers this way; and another one saying judgemental ill-informed weirdos straight on.”

Another comment by a different local was “If people wish to have other people watching them have sex, carry on, and if the voyeurs want to seek exhibitionists up for this type of behaviour that’s your choice.”

It is common knowledge that Wales is becoming one of the UK’s top dogging locations and this was confirmed by a local dogger called Emlyn who told us that the woods just off the Swansea Bay car park is a great place and that the site often attracts many regulars who take advantage of the many private places on offer in the woods. He said that if was unusual to have so many men there at one time, but he reckons that word must have spread quickly that the show was worth watching.

Credit must go to Wales Online for reporting this story.


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