Welsh Dogger From Bangor

Welsh Dogger Diane

Dirty Diana

Enthusiastic Welsh dogger Diane from Bangor simply loves having sex with strangers.

Obviously she is a horny girl with a high sex drive, and she has recently got into dogging and has had many of her fantasies fulfilled in the last few months. She has been taken over the car bonnet a number of times, and her latest thing is to get into having sex in the woods near to the dogging sites she visits.

Busty Diane says “It’s exciting walking around knowing i’m going to have instant sex, the more wooded the area the better it gives me a real buzz and adrenalin rush.”

This big boobed babe continues “One time I dropped my torch and I walked straight into a big throbbing cock which of course was a nice surprise better than falling down a ditch or hillside!”

With a variety of parks, forests and extensive wooded areas near to where she lives, she knows it’s easy to hookup in private with strangers and fulfil her fantasies. As yet, she hasn’t met a big bad wolf though.

This busty Welsh bird from Bangor is not alone in wanting to get down and dirty with other Welsh doggers. Maybe you could you be the man to bang her? You should know that there are many people who like having outdoor sex just as much as having car sex. There are plenty of places throughout Wales you can indulge in a bit of frolicing in the woods, not just in Bangor, so you may find this guide to dogging hotspots in Wales useful.

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Dirty Dogger Caitlin

Sexy Dogger Caitlin

Sexy Dogger Caitlin

Dogging is a bit of a hobby for some but others it is a pastime, and for one particular dogger it seems to be more of a passion.

Meet Caitlin, who we have been told has popped up at many dogging hotspots throughout the UK. Yes, she is a very keen dirty dogger that you may well bump into if you are out and about looking for some dogging action.

We asked her a couple of questions and here is what she to say about her antics…

“After a hard weeks work I do love hitting the countryside for some dogging naughtiness. Usually I get to the meeting late than others on a Friday night because I like to arrive last, I certainly never come first lol. Well you know what I mean as the saying goes ‘save the best til last’. I find the guys simply wait for me in the woods specially so there’s no worry getting sloppy seconds.”

She continues with excitement….

“I make sure I have a good wash before I go out though even though i’m getting down and dirty with the dogging i’m still a sexy lady that likes to be fresh smelling. My mind may be dirty but my body is a work of art lol. I can be choosy so I expect cleanliness in return too, so if he is grubby it simply isn’t going to happen. I have to be honest if the guy has good manners that really gets me going.”

As you can see Caitlin has a trim figure, with shapely big boobs and a pert bum. It just goes to show there are some very good looking girls who take part. With a bit of luck you may see this dirty dogger, but remember what she says, and be a gentleman with her!

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Downton Abbey Dogging Hot Spot

Dogging at Downton Abbey

Dogging at Downton Abbey

Hugely successful ITV drama Downton Abbey has just completed its final series, and the wonderful stately home has closed its doors to the film crew. However, it remains very close to a very popular Hampshire dogging location.

The dogging location is very close to Highclere Castle, which is used for filming the long running popular TV series. There is word on the dogging grapevine that the dogging location at Beacon Hill has grown in popularity over the same number of years that Downton Abbey has been running. One local dogger put it down to two things – firstly people wanting to do something after visiting Highclere Castle, and also secondly there were those who were looking into visiting Downton Abbey and checking out opening hours etc on the Web and then stumbling across details of this dogging hotspot and then deciding that whilst they were in the area to join in the dogging action.

One recent dogger who preferred to remain anonymous stated “It is a good spot for dogging at night and surprisingly also during the day, and I do wonder if it’s because you can see the Downton Abbey place from where we meet. Maybe that turns some of these voyeurs on, I don’t know. Anyway, if only the posh people knew what we all got up to they would be shocked.”

One experienced dogger known as Jack informed us that “It gets busier when the weather is warm, ;like many other places, but what’s surprising about this spot is it gets a lot of early evening action.”

Highclere  Castle from Beacon Hill

Highclere Castle from Beacon Hill

The beautiful historic area is clearly exciting for active doggers, both those are experienced doggers and those that are new to the scene but it’s safe to say there won’t be any Lord Grantham types up there looking for sex in public places.

Or then again, maybe there are! Keep us informed if you do meet such a fine fellow!

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Dogging Layby Shuts in Hampshire

Dogging Layby near Alresford

Dogging Layby near Alresford

A lay-by on the A31 near Alresford near Winchester has been recently shut off by Hampshire County Council. With dogging getting ever more popular, this particular dogging location had just become too much for the local councillors, as there were often queues of people waiting to join in the action, with cars occasionally backing up along the main carriageway.

After a number of complaints by local villagers, Hampshire Council took matters into its own hands by installing timber kerbs to stop people using the lay-by for outdoor sex. Hampshire council said that they had been inundated with complaints from local residents as the area was being used for people meeting sexual partners and heading off into the woods for dogging encounters.

Councillor Sean Woodward who is Hampshire’s executive member for transport said “The road has been physically narrowed to limit its use to a service road for accessing local properties only and is no longer suitable for stopping and parking. Early indication shows that this measure has been a success, but we will continue to monitor the situation.”

Nigel Reeves, a local dogging fanatic, said “It’s disappointing it has come to this. This particular place was a great place to come. It had loads of room to park, and more importantly it was often a real fuckfest at weekends, and I have had many fun nights there, with a variety of women. You get to see some regular faces there, and some regular pussy too come to think of it, and I will certainly miss that.”

However, Nigel and other doggers of Hampshire shouldn’t be too deterred over one lay-by being cut off, as there are plenty of other dogging spots in Hampshire they can have fun in.

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Dogger’s Caravan

Dirty Caravan for Dirty Doggers

Would this caravan be suitable for dogging?

Who would have thought that a grotty dirty and unappealing caravan would cause so much interest on eBay. This rather tired looking caravan was recently listed on eBay and it had an incredible 133 bids in a soaring bidding war which finished with a winning bid of a whopping £75,000.

Husband and wife Lee and Lyndsay Butcher say that they haven’t tried dogging but they suggested on their ebay listing that this caravan would be perfect to appeal to those who like to get down and dirty in the great outdoors. This caravan is suitable for towing, and it could easily be parked in suitable dogging hotspots and would no doubt attract attention as a retreat for cover in the colder nights especially if things get a bit chilly on the willy.

Advertising the caravan on eBay was an inspired idea. Lyndsay described the caravan as having a grimy sofa, foggy windows, a broken toilet and a crumbling kitchen, but it was the “suitable for dogging” phrase that piqued people’s interest, and led to the high bidding war.

Actual eBay Listing

Actual eBay Listing

‘Luckily, I’m the trusting type, and despite appearances I don’t think he bought it solely for the purpose of having a sordid extra-marital affair or taking up dogging, however as you might be able to see from the pictures, it would be PERFECT for both.’

The Butchers

The Butchers happy to hand over the caravan to admiring doggers

So if you fancy a caravan for your future dogging adventures, then it clearly pays to keep an eye out on the auctions on eBay. If you have an account, and most people do, do not forget that is very easy to set up an email reminder for caravans that get listed in the future. Who knows, you could be the first in your area to own a dogging caravan!

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BBW Dogging

Chubby Nikki from South Yorkshire is ready for a spot of dogging action in her local woods. Let’s hear what this size 28 chubby BBW dogging horny minx has to say about herself.

BBW dogger

BBW Dogger

“I’m married and looking for some discreet fun.

“I’m 5ft 8, blonde and a size 28. I have a big mound of a pussy and like it when it’s very wet!

“I like music, reading, eating out, films. I’m good fun and I like to play hard.

“I prefer guys that are taller than me, so 5ft 9 and above. There are some exceptions though.

“I work nights and get to play a couple of evenings a week, when my hubby is working. I’m not into phone sex, so please don’t ask. I like to see your face as well as your cock, so if no face pic then please be prepared to send me one on kik or email.”

“I would really like a gang bang but they are impossible to organise. I like taking photos and relish the opportunity to do some more.”

“I am more than happy to meet guys in a similar situation as myself and assure discretion. xx “

To get in touch with Nikki you must register first then click on her photo to go directly to her member profile. She has seevn other photos showing off her wholesome figure, including an amazing close up of her wet pussy.

Nikki proves that dogging is for everyone, of all ages, and of all shapes and sizes. If you want to know more about the spots in Yorkshire where this BBW goes dogging, then you should check this Dogging in Yorkshire guide. Don’t live so far up north? No to worry as there are many naughty doggers up and down the country (of all shapes and sizes) and we have put together a useful where to go dogging guide to help you find trhe best locations close to where you are.

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