Submissive Slave Sarah

Saucy submissive slave Sarah likes going into the woods for a spot of dogging action in Cheshire. This big and beautiful horny dogger loves showing off her curvy assets to other keen doggers.

Click here to view her yummy bummy in full

Sarah classes herself as a slave to her master who gives her permission to get naked in the woods and to be used for her three holes..ooerr. Find out what this buxom breasted babe has to say…

I am a BBW with plenty of curves to hold, and 3 holes to use. I am an owned slave, and have been instructed to create this profile. to arrange for me to be used by multiple people, for their satisfaction (with my Master present)
Tell me what you would like to do with/and to me…….
This is an honest profile, and wanting genuine meets.
Unable to accommodate unfortunately, but am willing and able to travel for daytime meets during the week.

Other interests that Sarah has include: Adult movies at home, S&M clubs, Visiting “Special” shops, Dogging, Oral – receiving, Oral – giving, Rimming – receiving, Rimming – giving, Anal, Mutual Play, Public games, Orgies and Water sports. You may like to know that her favourite position is rear entry.

Blue eyed Sarah has six other saucy photos showing naked photos of her in the woods for your enjoyment. Most are quite explicit, and let’s just say that it’s a bit of a mouthful in one of them ;) If you like the look and sound of Sarah simply click on her photo to get in touch with her directly. To find other horny doggers that can fulfil your fantasy or fetish in Cheshire, check out this Dogging in Cheshire site. Meantime, if BBWs are your thing, then you should check out this X rated BBW site.

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Dirty Dee Does Dogging

Dirty Dee is a keen dogger from London, and she is keen to find willing men to satisfy her dogging needs.

dirty dee

Dee is one of those doggers who has a partner who is comfortable with his woman indulging her fantasies. She enjoys flashing as she says the following in her profile…


Dee has started a diary since becoming a member and her last online entry includes the following: “i am going to the river of river lane petersham at 2 and sit on the wall flashing my pussy and tits then to the pub in the back garden”

So yes, she is serious to meet others.

Dee is on the lookout for saucy email or chat, naughty webcam fun, casual encounters, discreet relationships, hooking up with couples or making up threesomes, same sex lesbian sessions, one night stands and of course dogging.

Her interests include night clubs, strip clubs, adult movies, swinging parties, visiting “special” shops, oral – both giving and taking, role playing, voyeurism and taking part in public games, and of course dogging action.

For dogging action in or out of the car, meet ups in a pub or the woods simply click on Dee’s photo to get in touch directly. With 6 other photos she means business and she is intent on looking for someone to take her into the woods while others watch. To find other horny doggers in the capital, check out this Dogging in London guide. Meantime, if BBWs are your thing, then you should check out this X rated BBW site.

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20,000 Twitter Followers

We now have 20,000 Followers on Twitter! Who would have thought that so many people were interested in dogging? In a little over two years, Dogging Direct has gone from zero to over 20,000 followers – and it is the most popular dogging site on the whole twitterverse!

Not only that, all the 20,000 followers are genuine – we haven’t bought any twitter followers like some of our competitors have done!

naomi fox

Dogging Twitter Star Naomi Fox

Naomi Fox, the foxy minx behind the tweets says, “I started tweeting to keep people updated on the whole dogging scene, and I never expected it to be so popular. I tweet daily and I also upload pictures of doggers which are always popular, and always get re-tweeted. I get a lot of pleasure when this happens – it spreads the words that dogging is fun to even more people. I also spend some time each week keeping people updated on the latest dogging spots where you can go and have fun.

I also answer lots of questions, some publicly, but mainly via discreet direct messaging and I also put up tweets to answer popular questions such as Is dogging illegal? I enjoy doing it and I also like the naughty messages men send me. Here let me read one message I received yesterday – it’s ‘You are really sexy Naomi. I would love to bend you over a car bonnet’ Now, I am blushing a little, but I am also flattered that guys take the time to send me such messages.


Scarlett March - With Her Clothes ON


Our 20,000th follower was appropriately a well known dogging pornstar – the one and only Scarlett March.

If you don’t know geordie girl Scarlett, she is one of our favourite doggers, ready to pull down her knickers at the flash of a car’s headlights, and she likes nothing more than sticky full throttle group action.

If you want to see big busted Scarlett in the flesh and rest assured she is one filthy minx (she says her favourite hobby is bukkake!), click on her photo and you can watch her for free via our dogging videos page.

If you do not follow us on Twitter yet, you can easily do so at and you can of course follow Scarlett March too.

Happy twittering !

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Horny Dogger Helen

This picture is of Horny Helen, 38 from Tyne and Wear as she casually walks around the woods half naked in some very sexy gear. Horny Helen loves the great outdoors and she loves dogging.

Looking for a partner

She is looking for people to join her for some dogging in the North East fun. She has not had much of the chance to write a lot of description in her profile as she is a woman of few words but plenty of action. She is very much the exhibitionist as you will find if you click on her photo and see the eight other photos of her – including some half naked, and a number of graphic close up shots.

Although limited this is what the horny devil has to say…“I love group fun and love to be submissive x”

This popular dogger is 5ft 9, has an athletic build and loves it doggy style…suprise suprise.

Helen’s Interests Include: Dogging, Oral – receiving, Oral – giving, Rimming – receiving, Anal, Mutual Play, Role Playing, Voyeurism, Public games and Orgies.

If Horny Helen has got you gagging then sign up to the Dogging Direct Site – and see just how much of an exhibitionist she is.

It’s easy to sign up to Dogging Direct, simply fill in your details with a good description of why you love dogging. Mention what turns you on and popular dogging spots you go to. Upload some naughty photos of you out dogging, the more the better!

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Surrey Is Dogging Capital Of UK

Surrey, home to exclusive commuter towns and villages like Chertsey, Cobham, Dorking, Epsom, Esher, Guildford, Leatherhead, Weybridge and Woking is the dogging capital of the UK, according to new data released under the Freedom of Information Act.


Surrey Is Open Wide For Dogging Action

Following an investigation by the Daily Mail, where Police forces across the country were asked to disclose the number of ‘public sex environments’ they monitor, saucy Surrey has been handed the crown as Dogging Capital of the UK. Surrey Police identified a staggering 93 areas, from car parks and laybys to secluded woodlands, where strangers watch each other have sex.

In contrast, the whole of Norfolk has just six areas and Warwickshire three, according to the data provided, although results could equally mean that Surrey Police spend more time monitoring this sort of thing than other police forces! In fact, Surrey Police said the county had a high number of sites because the force was so proactive at monitoring them. Coming in second place in the list is Hampshire with thirty ‘public sex environments’ sites, and Northamptonshire comes in third with sixteen.

Of course, dogging is not illegal, and it is not illegal to have sex in a public space. It is only a criminal offence if it causes ‘alarm or distress’ to others as this dogging and the law guide explains.

Meantime, if you want to find out exactly where to enjoy dogging in Surrey, check out this dogging in Surrey guide which includes the infamous Hogs Back dogging spot just outside Guildford.

One other thing – the paper managed to track down a local MP – a certain Mr Dominic Raab, Tory MP for Esher and Walton, who commented: “Public places, especially woods and parks, are for everyone to enjoy.”

Finally, credit to The Daily Mail for initially reporting this story.


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Raunchy Rachel

Raunchy Rachel, 37 from Nottinghamshire is ready for a spot of dogging action Site. She is straight talking and wants lots of sex…

She will make you explode

Here’s what she has to say in her profile:-

“hi i am a hot and hungry woman any1 who wants abit of my love juice let me no xx”

She’s not got a lot to say the saucy little minx, and she is not the best speller, but we know once you go dogging with her, you won’t need to have too much conversation, if you get the drift.

Local to Nottingham you won’t miss her with her red flamed hair and sexy matching lingerie.

Rachel is of medium build, average height and most importantly of all her favourite sexual position is doggy style.

Rachel is looking for these naughty activites:- Saucy email or chat, Casual encounters, Discreet relationships, Couples, Threesomes, Same-sex sessions, One night stands and Phone/Webcam fun..

Her interests also includes Strip clubs, Fetish clubs, Adult movies at home, Swinging parties, S&M clubs, Visiting “Special” shops, Dogging, Oral – receiving, Oral – giving, Rimming – receiving, Rimming – giving, Anal, Mutual Play, Role Playing, Voyeurism, Public games, Fun with food, Orgies and Water sports.

If you like the look of this red headed sexy dogger simply click on her photo to get in touch.

If raunchy Rachel has whetted your appetite to get your mitts on other doggers in the Nottingham area, check out this handy where to go Dogging in Notts guide.

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