Croydon Dogging

News reaches us that sex hungry mature men and women aged 50 plus are descending on Croydon to enjoy regular outdoor dogging sessions.

Older Doggers

Older Doggers

Two car parks in Shirley Hills Road outside the Royal Garden Restaurant and Karaoke Bar are being used by the randy senior citizens.

PC Barry Swift told the Croydon Guardian “Both car parks are being used. The people who are coming in [to] take part in sexual activities are not just youngsters – we are looking at pensioners, which is quite surprising.”

No one seems to know what is behind the influx of these mature lotharios to Croydon, which is ranked as one of the top UK dogging spots.

This was confirmed by a local dogger called Nigel who told us that this really is one of the best dogging sites in Surrey and that people “of a certain age” as he put it do come from miles around to join in the fun. He told us “It is a well known spot, and it has been going on for so long, so there clearly is a demand for such a place. Why not make it a designated dogging area? Put some signs on it to help people from outside the area, who are looking for some action, and also so that people who are not into such things could be warned before entering the car parks.”


The Dogging Car Parks In Croydon

PC Barry Swift has policed the area for 15 years and said dogging had been a problem on his patch for as long as he has been on the beat and he told the local paper “If you Google it Croydon comes up as the third best place in the country for dogging.”

He was also quoted as saying “Hopefully we will sort out a day of action and go down there and clean up the woods, trim and cut back the trees. We have been running plain-clothed and uniformed operations in the woods, explaining to people that it is not acceptable and getting the word out and that is what we are going to continue to do once it is cleaned up.”

This story just goes to show that dogging really is for people of all ages.

Credit must go to The Croydon Guardian for initially reporting this story.


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Bristol Dogging News


Police Notice

Police have put up notices around a popular dogging spot on the Bristol Downs to warn people against having sex there.

The notices have been posted on trees in the woods and on lamp posts in Circular Road and Ladies Mile, near the wooded area in Clifton Downs.

Each notice reads: “We have received numerous complaints from members of the public about inappropriate behaviour in these woods.

“We would like to remind people that this is a public area which is used by all members of the community.”

“Please respect these woods and the people who use them. We are regularly patrolling the area and will prosecute people committing criminal offences.”

“We appreciate your co-operation.”

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset police said: “We are aware of inappropriate behaviour taking place in the wooded areas off Circular Road. Posters are being put up explaining our actions.”

Beat manager PC Jeanette Cadden said: “This is a lovely area, popular among dog walkers, joggers and other members of the public, who should be free to enjoy the woods without worrying about what they might see, especially in the middle of the day.


Bristol Dogging Location

Local dogger Billy Bigcock commented “We might well have a new set of people coming to our Bristol dogging meetups now thanks to the coppers publicising our dogging place, so we should be grateful for that I guess. I hope we will get some bigger ladies coming along, because they are my favourites, as they have so much more to give than the skinny ones.”

Another local, who goes by the name of RiverMonster got in touch with the local paper to say “I walk my dog off the lead there every other day and luckily haven’t bumped into anyone doing strange things. It would be awkward as my dog is big, friendly and likes sniffing bums. Doggers beware!”

If the Clifton Downs dogging spot does get too busy, we suggest Aust Wharf, near Severn Bridge where the action happens near the bridge at the end of the road. Also worth a visit is Backwell Lake, just off station road, next to Nailsea and Backwell railway station, and finally not too far away is the infamous Tog Hill dogging spot. All of these locations can be found at our dogging in Avon guide, and also the comprehensive UK dogging locations guide.

Credit must go to The Bristol Post for initially reporting this dogging story.


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National Trust Block Doggers

A mound of earth has been placed at the entrance to a well known dogging spot half way between High Wycombe and Maidenhead by the National Trust to try and tackle so called anti-social behaviour.


The Mound at Winter Hill Car Park

The car park at Winter Hill near Cookham has been a well known and well used site for dogging and partying according to Councillor Christine-Ann Jannetta of Cookham Parish Council.

This follow news earlier in the year that at a council meeting, local residents expressed concerns about the National Trust’s plans to clear trees at the beauty spot with Councillor Christine-Ann Jannetta being recorded as saying “Residents do not want the work to go ahead”.

However, the mound has been installed, which makes you wonder about the effectiveness of the council.

Rachel Forsyth, Lead Ranger for the National Trust at Maidenhead and Cookham Commons, said the measure was only due to last four weeks to see if a barrier could be placed there, and wanted to hear feedback and she stated “By testing this approach we can see if a permanent barrier would help the problem or simply displace it to nearby areas.”

However, the local Conservative Councillor Richard Kellaway criticised the mound saying “As a consequence cars will have to park on the road for people to see the view, pedestrians will have to walk in the road, creating a hazard which was not there before. The National Trust has over-reacted to a minor problem and will ruin the enjoyment of hundreds of people who visit Cookham to see its lovely countryside.”

Councillor Kellaway continued “It is, of course, the job of the police to keep an eye on any anti-social activity and they do. There are regular visits during the evening.”

No doubt, this heavy handed approach by the National Trust won’t stop people having fun, and of course there are plenty of other dogging spots in Berkshire for local doggers to visit.

Credit must go to The Maidenhead Advertiser for initially reporting this dogging story.


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X Factor Dogging

The multi-million pound North London mansion this year’s X Factor finalists have moved into is in one of the most popular dogging spots in London.


The X Factor Mansion

After moving into the £3.6 million property, which is ideal for any rock star or pop diva, in the exclusive Hadley Wood area last week, contestants including Honey G, Gifty Louise and Matt Terry will be shocked to discover the randy activities going on around their new home.

Hadley Wood, near Barnet, has evolved dramatically in the past twelve months or so into a bit of a red light district, with plenty of frisky people doing the horizontal hokey cokey pretty darn close to the X Factor contestants sleeping quarters.

One local dogger said “The area is lurvley for a bit of dogging action and, by the way, it is really close to the X Factor house so if any of those nice guys and gals wanna drop in for some Sex Factor fun, they can come down to the woods any weekend night!”

Grovelands Park is only 475 yards away from the X Factor pad, yet the contestants don’t have too much to worry about thanks to all their fancy security measures, so they can spend their free time perfecting their stool singing and their ‘pick up the phone and vote’ hand signals.


Honey G and the X Factor House

Another helpful insider chimed in about this saucy news saying “Dogging doesn’t necessarily have to involve cars – it’s couples meeting for outdoor sex. And it happens at Grovelands Park.” He then went on to explain that he met up with four women during the last week for sex in the woods.

Why Hadley Wood? Well, the producers wanted somewhere that was off the beaten path so to speak, and away from the temptations of London nightclubs. The producers have snapped up the luxury property situated on Camlet Way for an eye-watering £13,500 a month, and yet according to property website Zoopla the rental cost is a snip compared to what any of the wannabes would have to pay to actually own the pad and be close to the dogging woods, as they reckon it’s estimated to be worth a staggering £3,623,000 which proves the mansion has the X factor, and maybe the sex factor would help sell the place in the future too.

Credit must go to The Sun for initially reporting this story.



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Surrey Is UK Dogging Capital


The infamous Dogging car park at Hogs Back

Surrey’s rural locations and secluded spots are harbouring a rather sordid secret – the county is the UK’s dogging capital.

According to figures released by Surrey Police under the Freedom of Information Act, there are 93 dogging locations where strangers meet to engage in sexual activity that the Police classify as ‘public sex environments’ throughout the county, out of a total of 222 locations countrywide.

Surrey Assistant Chief Constable Gavin Stephens said “Surrey is a rural county with good transport links and would expect a high number to be recorded as the force takes a proactive approach to identify and monitor areas of concern.”

The senior policemen goes on to acknowledge that dogging is not illegal by stating “Whilst it is not illegal to engage in sexual activity outdoors, there are a number of offences which could result from this such as causing alarm or distress to others, outraging public indecency or exposure.”

Interactive Surrey Dogging Map

Reigate and Banstead Neighbourhood Inspector Richard Haycock agrees with the Police as he said the area’s figures could be down to its size and number of residents. He stated “Reigate and Banstead has the highest population of a borough in the county. There are more people living here than in other places and we have really good transport links out of London, to the south, down to the coast – buses, trains and roads. It is a very busy borough and I suspect that’s why we feature highly when you look at any numeric table in any category.”

A local dogger named Barry who is often at the Hogs Back dogging site told us “Yes, there are plenty of places to go dogging in Surrey and some can get really busy. I do know that the coppers carry out what they call preventative patrols, but if you ask me, a lot of them would love to come and join us, either in our out of their uniforms.”

A Surrey resident named Mike Preece wrote into the local paper saying that the news about Surrey being the UK dogging capital made him “proud to live in Surrey” while David Evans asked if there was a “bus stop” near one of the locations.

Credit must go to Get Surrey for initially reporting this story.


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Mystery Dogger

Dumpy Dogger

Mystery Dogger Poster

An odd poster on land close to Barnehurst Golf Course, near Bexleyheath, has appeared warning people about a dumpy woman on the hunt for dogging partners.

The poster describes a middle aged woman who has a sexual motive for her trips out and about, and the poster states that: “This woman is a disgusting pervert. She and her partner are doggers, trying to test the waters to see if you want to join in their dirty antics.”

The unknown author of the poster indicated that they have fallen victim to the advances of this mystery dogger, saying that she touched them inappropriately and that “She is trying to arrange seedy get-togethers on this field.” adding: “We have all seen the stockings on the bushes.”

A spokesman for the golf course said he was unaware of the poster, but that green keepers regularly check the land and would “immediately remove” the sign if they find it.

Dogging Dumpy

The Poster in Full

A local dogger who goes by the name of Barry the Banger told us that “The person who wrote this poster needs to be taught some manners. He should have said fuller figured rather than dumpy and he should have said mature rather than middle aged. Also the description doesn’t mention any clothing but I do have my suspicions as to who it might be, but I can’t be sure who this mystery dogger is.”

According to Barry, if it’s who who he thinks it is, she is often seen at a variety of dogging spots in Kent.

In answer to Steve Ball who wrote to his local paper saying “Myself, my wife, my girlfriend, my wife’s boyfriend, my wife’s girlfriend, that lovely couple we got friendly with in Greece and Elsie from the corner shop are all very worried that we might stumble across this filth so would appreciate an exact location so we can avoid it” we suggest he checks out this dogging locations guide, detailing where randy doggers, both old and new, can make the most of the long summer nights.

Who is this mystery dogger? If you have any information, please do let us know.

Credit must go to Kent Online for initially reporting this story.



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