Michelle Goes Dogging in Cornwall

Former Pole Dance Michelle 42 from near Newquay in Cornwall has a strong interest in dogging and likes getting it on in the great outdoors. She is looking for some fun and is up for meeting new doggers, and as she says is up for most things, so let’s find out what she has to say on her profile.

Dogger Michelle

“Well, i used to be a really outgoing girl, but met some ba$tards along the way and lost my confidence for a while before that, i was a professional dancer (pole, not lap!), but as i get older, i don’t do the upside-down routine anymore – well, not for money, but maybe for the right audience……

“Anyway, i’ve had a few interesting times, but if you want to get to know more about me, then drop me a line.

“What am I looking for??? There’s no single answer to this one – I’m up for most things (with male or female), and if i haven’t tried it before (which i probably have!) then i’ll give it a go.

“I like to dress for the occasion (whether that be a drink in a pub, a quiet lunch, intimate dinner, or a raunchy time in private) i have all sorts of suitable outfits, and expect a partner to appreciate what is appropriate, and have the correct appearance for the occasion.

“Hygiene and grooming are very important, but I’m not expecting perfection in the looks department – personality is where it’s at.

Michelle is looking for saucy email or chat, what is termed casual encounters, threesomes, one night stands of course and also would take part in webcam sessions.

As well as dogging, her interests include strip clubs, swinging, oral sex – both giving and receiving, rimming, mutual play, role playing, voyeurism and doing it in public.

So could you give Michelle that confidence back and renew her faith? Can you show her a good time and help her in what she is looking for? Would you go dogging with her? If your answer is yes, and you would like to get in contact with her then simply click on her photo.

To search for other local and willing doggers in Cornwall to contact instantly then check out this Dogging in Cornwall guide.

It’s easy to find other doggers who are keen to have outdoors encounters. Fulfil your appetite and get dogging in the UK, connect with other horny people for outdoor sex whether you want to watch, enjoy one to ones or join in group orgies – it’s entirely up to you.

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Manchester Dogger

If you are looking for a dogger in the Manchester area, then you should consider 45 year old Trish who is laid on her back ready for some dogging action.

Smile for the camera

Smile for the camera

This is what this Greater Manchester dogger has to say about herself….

“Hi Guys, I’m a married slut from bolton. I only meet in public, and the location has to be a dogging site or similar. i know all the local places and will easily be able to tell timewasters and wannabees, so dont message me unless you know what your doing and can prove it.

It’s not surprising that Trish’s favourite sex position is doggy style. She’s clearly looking for casual encounters and One night stands and her interests include Adult movies at cinema, Dogging, Oral – giving, Rimming – giving, Anal, Voyeurism, Public games and Orgies.

To get in touch with Manchester dogger Trish simply click on her photo, drop her a message and you can soon get to hook up with her for some dogging fun.

If you want to find out exactly where to enjoy dogging in the UK, check out this dogging spots guide which includes places where Trish lets it all hang out. Check the guide and track down other dirty doggers who love sex in public areas. It’s easy and before you know it you will be widening your dogging circle just like Trish does with her legs.

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Tour de France stage is a dogging spot

holme moss doggign spot

Amateur rider passes the dogging spot on Holme Moss

This year’s Tour De France’s route includes a popular dogging site!

The Tour De France is coming to Britain in July, and the second stage of the race will be across the Pennines in Yorkshire, with Holme Moss being the highest point on the stage – at 1719 feet (approximately 525 metres) above sea level. By day, Holme Moss is a mecca for cyclists eager to test themselves riding up the Pennine peak. But when the sun goes down, a car park at the summit attracts those looking to get their blood pumping in a very different way – yes it’s a popular dogging spot.

It is such a well known place for local dogging fun that when Olympic cyclist Ed Clancy posted a picture of a foggy Holme Moss summit onto Twitter during one of his training rides, an in-the-know fan replied to his tweet, warning him: “Bloody hell don’t stop at the top, you’ll get done for dogging.”

Reporters from The Daily Star recently visited the spot, and although they didn’t find any cyclists – either in full lycra gear, or bareback; they did find that couples were openly having sex in their cars, egged on by ­strangers, and talk of the Tour de France was in short supply.

The journalists visited on a rainy Tuesday evening but still found half a dozen cars parked up. In one of the cars, a clapped-out Ford Escort, a couple were already enjoying some dogging action while being watched by five men. They reported that as the mist descended an hour later another couple arrived. They parked their ageing Audi before flashing a light to show they were ready for action. Men scurried across the muddy moorland halt to gawp as an attractive forty something woman pleasured her partner while he sat behind the wheel. One of the reporters asked one local if he was looking forward to the Tour but he shrugged: “Nah, mate. This is a better show than a load of blokes on bikes!”

Police have recently put up signs in an attempt to slam the brakes on their kinky exploits. However, a regular told the reporter “It might put people off for a few weeks but once the summer is here the action will really kick off. The car parks at Golden Acre will be literally jumping after about 9pm when the better weather returns.”

If you want to find out exactly where to enjoy dogging in Yorkshire, check out this dogging in Yorkshire guide which includes spots other than the Tour de France dogging car park.

Finally, credit to The Daily Star for initially reporting this story.


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Dogger Doe

Keen Dogger Doe 44 from Wiltshire has signed up to the Dogging Direct web site and is looking for company. She’s up for anything and wants to find more dogging locations which are easy to get to.

Find out what dirty dogger Doe has to say….

Ready and waiting

“Looking for fun and excitement with others (male and female) in the great outdoors he he x”

“Hoping this site would give us some ideas for dogging meets I.e locations etc”

Doe’s interests include: swinging parties, dogging of course, oral – giving, mutual play, voyeurism and public games.

She’s looking for casual encounters, couples and one night stands.

Her favourite sexual position is Cowgirl and she is smoothly shaven.

With long black hair, brown eyes and of medium build Doe could certainly find a consenting dogger to have fun with very easily.

To view similar keen doggers such as Doe you can search on the Dogging Direct site and connect instantly.

There are many benefits to signing up to Dogging Direct including:-

  • It’s free to join
  • Detailed park and ride information
  • Outdoor fun
  • Dogging photos
  • Recommended members
  • Genuine Doggers
  • Advanced search
  • Instant chat
  • Video profiles
  • Great dog and bone support
  • Carry on dogging until your hearts content
  • First time doggers welcome

    Give it a go and sign up now !


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    Dogging Comes to East Grinstead

    Following our recent story about how Surrey was named dogging capital of the UK neighbouring Sussex has hit back not wanting to be left out, and the East Grinstead Courier has published details of all the hot dogging spots in and around the town.


    Doggers Come to Sussex

    The paper is very specific about where doggers can hook up in East Grinstead for some dogging action. Vowels Lane car park, close to Turners Hill, Foresters car park, Forest Row, and Cowdray Forest in woods off Balcombe Road are all mentioned.

    The paper writes “Quiet country carparks, picnic spots, leafy lanes and even a cricket pitch are among the locations identified on a list of locations in Sussex where strangers meet for sex – in front of an audience. Known as dogging, the underground practice involves people performing sex acts in cars or in secluded spots while others watch.”

    They continue “The activity may fall through a legal loophole because it is not an offence to have sex in public unless it causes outrage to a witness. Participants often tip each other off about popular spots – and now online lists have even been compiled.”

    As the paper points out, dogging is not illegal, and it is not illegal to have sex in a public space. It is only a criminal offence if it causes ‘alarm or distress’ to others as this dogging and the law guide explains.

    Meantime, if you want to find out exactly where to enjoy dogging in Sussex, check out this dogging in Sussex guide which includes spots other than East Grinstead

    Finally, credit to The East Grinstead Courier for keeping its local population informed by initially reporting this story.


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    Anal Anne

    Anne 45 from Lancashire is hell bent on dogging and is on the lookout for someone to watch her at it.

    Anne just loves anal

    Her photo demonstrates her favourite sexual position – the rear entry, and as you can see she loves the outdoors, and crucially having sex outdoors. She has this to say on her profiel….

    “Love fucking my man outdoors. Wouldn’t mind a horny fella , spying and playing with himself, while watching discreetly :-)”

    Anne’s interests apart from anal include adult movies, visiting adult shops, dogging of course, both giving and receiving oral sex, a bit of mutual play, general role playing, very much voyeurism and public games.

    If you fancy a bit of anal action with Anne simply click on her photo to get in touch directly or to view similar horny doggers you can sign up and search for local doggers via the Dogging Direct website.

    There are many local Dogging Spots throughout the UK so as you will see it’s easy to take a walk in the woods at these hot spots for doggers and instantly find a fellow dogger to have sex with. Whether you’re a regular dogger or new to dogging here is a top rated New to dogging guide, which you may find useful when enjoying the great outdoors!

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