Nick Clegg Visited A Dogging Site

Clegg talking to a TV crew at the dogging spot

Clegg talking to a TV crew at the dogging spot

A former Liberal Democrat press officer has revealed that he once booked a photo opportunity for party leader Nick Clegg to announce a major party policy at a popular dogging site.

Ben Rathe, who used to handle media relations for the coalition government party, told how he arranged a press event to reveal the 5 pence charge on plastic carrier bags at a popular Glasgow dogging location.

Rathe said “It was the Liberal Democrat Conference 2013, and my role back then was planning all of the visits that Nick Clegg was doing over the course of the five days in Glasgow. This included finding somewhere suitable to announce a new 5p charge on plastic bags. I picked out a lovely nature reserve just south of Glasgow called Cathkin Marsh, which allowed us to tell the story of how discarded carrier bags murder cute, furry animals, damage the environment and ruin picturesque landscapes.”

As Clegg was deputy prime minister at the time, the police has to check the area ahead of the speech. However, during the trip to do this, Rathe learnt a worrying fact about his choice of location, as he explains….. ”Interesting place for a visit” said one Police Officer after the recce, which had mainly involved walking around a marshland on a wooden boardwalk. I, thinking he meant they usually take politicians to schools, factories or nursing homes, launched into an explanation about why we’d chosen this location, the environmental impact discarded bags can have etc etc when I was swiftly cut off by the Police Officer who said “No, I mean because of what the locals use it for.”

Rathe elaborated “Now, ‘what the locals use it for’ is never a good sentence to hear, because usually ‘the locals’ are never using ‘it’ for anything good. I didn’t want to ask what he meant, mainly because I knew what he was going to say if I did, but felt that I had to. So I did. And then came the reply I had both expected and dreaded. ‘Oh, it’s a dogging site!'”

“And as planned, the next day Nick Clegg did indeed unwittingly make his 5p plastic bag charge announcement. At a dogging spot! I’d arranged for the Deputy Prime Minister to visit a dogging site!”

If you want to visit the same dogging spot as Nick Clegg, you should check out this comprehensive Guide to Dogging in the UK.

Credit must go to The Spectator for initially reporting this story.


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Dogging in Happy Valley

Happy Valley Dogging

Happy Valley Dogging

Happy Valley WPC Catherine Cawood has another crime wave on her hands – her Yorkshire patch is regularly invaded by randy doggers!

The Yorkshire countryside where the popular BBC TV drama is filmed has many picturesque hills and valleys which are a magnet for tourists during the day. However, when night falls the stunning Yorkshire countryside becomes a lure for dogging enthusiasts who indulge their passion at the many secluded car parks and quiet woods in the area.

The crime drama series starring Sarah Lancashire as the no-nonsense female cop who is haunted by her daughter’s murdering ex-boyfriend is filmed in the stunning Yorkshire countryside, with the local towns and villages including Sowerby Bridge and Hebden Bridge serving as a natural backdrop to the drama.

However, the popularity of the series has led to thrill-seeking doggers and lust-crazed couples combining sight-seeing trips during the day with sex sessions with strangers in the evening.

There are plenty of messages on the dogging grapevine from people keen to visit the area to see where the TV series is filmed and get their own happy ending! One London couple stated: “We are a fun-loving couple visiting Happy Valley off the telly this weekend. Anyone want to join us in our camper van?”

Some dogging spots the London caravanners should check out are (a) “On the road to Hebden Bridge, climb out of the valley and there’s a track that leads to some old oil workings; (b) “Baitings Reservoir in Ripponden past Sowerby Bridge”; and (c) “The moors above Heptonstall – climb out of Hebden Bridge and keep going. Plenty of laybys popular with couples.”

To see exactly where you too can get a happy ending in Happy Valley, check out this Dogging in Yorkshire guide which is part of the comprehensive Guide to Dogging in the UK.

Meantime, here is a comprehensive Dogging and the Law guide.

Finally, credit to The Sun for initially reporting this story.”


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Dogging on Army Land

dogging on army land in aldershot

The Dogging Woods near Rushmoor Road

People have been caught dogging in woodlands on Army land owned by the Ministry of Defence, near the British Army’s headquarters in Aldershot.

The woodlands are being developed as part of the Aldershot Urban Extension. Approved back in July 2013 by Rushmoor Borough Council the Aldershot Urban Extension, which is also known as Project Wellesley, will add up to 3,850 new homes to the area.

The developer in charge of Project Wellesley is Grainger, who were appointed by the Ministry of Defence, which owns the land on which the urban extension will be built.

Grainger bosses have stated that rangers have spotted people engaging in sex acts, in broad daylight, off Rushmoor Road, in the area known as the Wellesley Woodlands.

However, the Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership (BVCP), which manages the woods, has denied knowledge of such activities, with its manager Steve Bailey telling the local paper: ‘We’re not aware of anything happening.’

Wellington Monument

The Car Park next to The Duke of Wellington Monument

We got in touch with our contacts in the area and asked them what was going on. One local dogger, who gave his name as Tattooed Tim, confirmed that he knew of dogging during the day in Wellesley Woods. However, he said it still did not compare with the regular goings-on at the dogging hotspot in the woods behind the Duke of Wellington monument just outside the town centre, as there was a convenient large car park adjacent to the monument. Tim said that the woodland here was public, and not owned by the army.

He also said that there were regular dogging in Hampshire meetings throughout the county, and that they primarilly attracted a crowd aged 40 plus.

Meantime, a spokesman for the MoD said: ‘Members of the public are allowed on to certain areas of the military estate in the Aldershot area, as long as they comply with the by-laws governing that access.”

Finally, credit to Get Hampshire for initially reporting this story, who stated that “Dogging is the practice of watching or engaging in exhibitionist sexual activity in a public place.”


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Dogging in Emmerdale


Steamy Goings On In Emmerdale

Hugely successful TV drama Emmerdale’s set is being surrounded by doggers. The ITV soap is well-known for its steamy plots. But the goings on just a stone’s throw from the set would have the raunchy script-writers hot under the collar. Even the Emmerdale cast have been warned of the regular dogging activity amidst fears that it may halt filming on set, during the winter’s long dark nights. The soap, set in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales is filmed very close to the Eccup reservoir, which is right next to a very popular dogging site where couples enjoy having sex in public.

Eccup reservoir is just 15 minutes drive from Leeds city centre, in West Yorkshire, and it is a favoured location for the wife swapping dogging in Yorkshire brigade. Randy individuals take to the country lanes and woods near the reservoir, close to where Emmerdale is filmed to indulge in steamy sex sessions under the watchful eye of leering strangers.

An Emmerdale source said: “The woods and roads surrounding the set are becoming well known for doggers. It is the source of a few jokes between the cast that no one wants to pull over on the drive out of the village because they might get propositioned.”


Debbie Dingle drives out of the village

A local dogger identified as Stan says: “Eccup is a good location. Lots of woods behind the Emmerdale studios and the reservoir can get busy; ten blokes watched me and the wife not long ago.”

Another dogger who preferred to remain anonymous boasted “My girlfriend and I will be in the woods at Eccup this week for flashing fun. She is a larger lady who loves to put on a show. But no touching, guys.”

A third dogger stated that he was taking his partner out to go flashing in the woods, as he told us “We regularly got the woods at Eccup – lots of fun to be had. Single women and couples usually on a weekend.”

It is unconfirmed whether Emmerdale scriptwriters will be working the material into any of the soap’s future plot lines.

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Welsh Dogger From Bangor

Welsh Dogger Diane

Dirty Diana

Enthusiastic Welsh dogger Diane from Bangor simply loves having sex with strangers.

Obviously she is a horny girl with a high sex drive, and she has recently got into dogging and has had many of her fantasies fulfilled in the last few months. She has been taken over the car bonnet a number of times, and her latest thing is to get into having sex in the woods near to the dogging sites she visits.

Busty Diane says “It’s exciting walking around knowing i’m going to have instant sex, the more wooded the area the better it gives me a real buzz and adrenalin rush.”

This big boobed babe continues “One time I dropped my torch and I walked straight into a big throbbing cock which of course was a nice surprise better than falling down a ditch or hillside!”

With a variety of parks, forests and extensive wooded areas near to where she lives, she knows it’s easy to hookup in private with strangers and fulfil her fantasies. As yet, she hasn’t met a big bad wolf though.

This busty Welsh bird from Bangor is not alone in wanting to get down and dirty with other Welsh doggers. Maybe you could you be the man to bang her? You should know that there are many people who like having outdoor sex just as much as having car sex. There are plenty of places throughout Wales you can indulge in a bit of frolicing in the woods, not just in Bangor, so you may find this guide to dogging hotspots in Wales useful.

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Dirty Dogger Caitlin

Sexy Dogger Caitlin

Sexy Dogger Caitlin

Dogging is a bit of a hobby for some but others it is a pastime, and for one particular dogger it seems to be more of a passion.

Meet Caitlin, who we have been told has popped up at many dogging hotspots throughout the UK. Yes, she is a very keen dirty dogger that you may well bump into if you are out and about looking for some dogging action.

We asked her a couple of questions and here is what she to say about her antics…

“After a hard weeks work I do love hitting the countryside for some dogging naughtiness. Usually I get to the meeting late than others on a Friday night because I like to arrive last, I certainly never come first lol. Well you know what I mean as the saying goes ‘save the best til last’. I find the guys simply wait for me in the woods specially so there’s no worry getting sloppy seconds.”

She continues with excitement….

“I make sure I have a good wash before I go out though even though i’m getting down and dirty with the dogging i’m still a sexy lady that likes to be fresh smelling. My mind may be dirty but my body is a work of art lol. I can be choosy so I expect cleanliness in return too, so if he is grubby it simply isn’t going to happen. I have to be honest if the guy has good manners that really gets me going.”

As you can see Caitlin has a trim figure, with shapely big boobs and a pert bum. It just goes to show there are some very good looking girls who take part. With a bit of luck you may see this dirty dogger, but remember what she says, and be a gentleman with her!

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