MP puts his foot in it

Wayne David MP

News reaches us from the Independent Newspaper that Wayne David, the MP for Caerphilly, got caught out when a journalist rang to ask him about a report that suggested that Caerphilly was the “dogging capital of South Wales”.

Unfortunately, the 54 year old Labour MP didn’t quite hear the journalist properly and thought that she was referring to the local problem of stray dogs and how the council had been involving local people in catching them. “I’ve been thinking long and hard about this,” he said, before adding, “and I think everybody in my constituency should be doing it!

That’s not where it ended, though, as colleagues have augmented the tale with other stories. In one such account, Wayne was talking on the radio and Wayne, presuming that the broadcaster was talking about local pedigree winners at Crufts, said, “We have been doing some very good breeding locally. I’m very proud of it.”

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Maybe the MP should have read this where to go dogging in Wales guide first.

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