Dogging in Happy Valley

Happy Valley Dogging

Happy Valley Dogging

Happy Valley WPC Catherine Cawood has another crime wave on her hands – her Yorkshire patch is regularly invaded by randy doggers!

The Yorkshire countryside where the popular BBC TV drama is filmed has many picturesque hills and valleys which are a magnet for tourists during the day. However, when night falls the stunning Yorkshire countryside becomes a lure for dogging enthusiasts who indulge their passion at the many secluded car parks and quiet woods in the area.

The crime drama series starring Sarah Lancashire as the no-nonsense female cop who is haunted by her daughter’s murdering ex-boyfriend is filmed in the stunning Yorkshire countryside, with the local towns and villages including Sowerby Bridge and Hebden Bridge serving as a natural backdrop to the drama.

However, the popularity of the series has led to thrill-seeking doggers and lust-crazed couples combining sight-seeing trips during the day with sex sessions with strangers in the evening.

There are plenty of messages on the dogging grapevine from people keen to visit the area to see where the TV series is filmed and get their own happy ending! One London couple stated: “We are a fun-loving couple visiting Happy Valley off the telly this weekend. Anyone want to join us in our camper van?”

Some dogging spots the London caravanners should check out are (a) “On the road to Hebden Bridge, climb out of the valley and there’s a track that leads to some old oil workings; (b) “Baitings Reservoir in Ripponden past Sowerby Bridge”; and (c) “The moors above Heptonstall – climb out of Hebden Bridge and keep going. Plenty of laybys popular with couples.”

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Meantime, here is a comprehensive Dogging and the Law guide.

Finally, credit to The Sun for initially reporting this story.”


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