Dogger’s Caravan

Dirty Caravan for Dirty Doggers

Would this caravan be suitable for dogging?

Who would have thought that a grotty dirty and unappealing caravan would cause so much interest on eBay. This rather tired looking caravan was recently listed on eBay and it had an incredible 133 bids in a soaring bidding war which finished with a winning bid of a whopping £75,000.

Husband and wife Lee and Lyndsay Butcher say that they haven’t tried dogging but they suggested on their ebay listing that this caravan would be perfect to appeal to those who like to get down and dirty in the great outdoors. This caravan is suitable for towing, and it could easily be parked in suitable dogging hotspots and would no doubt attract attention as a retreat for cover in the colder nights especially if things get a bit chilly on the willy.

Advertising the caravan on eBay was an inspired idea. Lyndsay described the caravan as having a grimy sofa, foggy windows, a broken toilet and a crumbling kitchen, but it was the “suitable for dogging” phrase that piqued people’s interest, and led to the high bidding war.

Actual eBay Listing

Actual eBay Listing

‘Luckily, I’m the trusting type, and despite appearances I don’t think he bought it solely for the purpose of having a sordid extra-marital affair or taking up dogging, however as you might be able to see from the pictures, it would be PERFECT for both.’

The Butchers

The Butchers happy to hand over the caravan to admiring doggers

So if you fancy a caravan for your future dogging adventures, then it clearly pays to keep an eye out on the auctions on eBay. If you have an account, and most people do, do not forget that is very easy to set up an email reminder for caravans that get listed in the future. Who knows, you could be the first in your area to own a dogging caravan!

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