Dogging in Lincolnshire

With many secluded spots throughout the county, you are in for a treat if you are looking for some outdoor action dogging in Lincolnshire.

lincoln golf club dogging

Lincoln Dogging

  • The Lincoln Golf Centre on Moor Lane - just off the A46. This is where Candice got her top off much to the bemusement of golf club officials, but as Candice will no doubt tell you the driving range is alarmed to stop people pinching their balls.
  • Between Newark and Lincoln is a very popular dogging spot - Stapleford Woods. There are two different car parks about a minute from each other, just off the main road leading through Stapleford Woods.
  • The viewpoint, near the Lincolnshire Showground. It's about 3 miles north of Lincoln, off the A15 - take a left turn before you get to the new roundabout.
  • Also try Hartsholme Country Park.

Boston Dogging

Head for the infamous laybys on the A17 between Boston and Sleaford.

Cleethorpes Dogging

You should try the car park at Anthonys Bank - which is known locally as Bonkers Bank! You couldn't make it up.

Grimsby Dogging

Grimsby doggers should head for Stallingborough Old Road or Welsby Woods, with action in the car park and in the woods themselves.

Scunthorpe Dogging

Here you also have a couple of choices - the Mortal Ash Hill lay by or the car park at Twigmore Woods.

Skegness Dogging

Looking for a Butlins holiday at Skegness? You may know that Skeggy is the land of so many holiday camps, not just Butlins, and you may know there are other attractions outside the camp gates. Curious campers holidaying in Skegness should head for Gibraltar Point which is past the golf course along Gibraltar Road. It will make an interesting break from and you will probably return to your room a truly happy camper.

Stamford Dogging

Dogging in Stamford takes place regularly at a gravelled car park near The Cattle Market. The car park is on the George side of the Meadows. We have also been tipped off about Ryhall Road near Gwash Way, but we can't vouch for it ourselves.

Other spots also worth exploring in Lincolnshire are :-

  • Both laybys on the road that runs between the A15 and the A607 at Harmston - south of RAF Waddington.
  • In and around Grantham, we recommend either Queen Elizabeth park, in the woods along the river, or Five Gates near Belmont Tower.
  • Theddlethorpe Beach which is just north of Mablethorpe.

    While you are weighing up your options, see if any of the locals below tickle your fancy.

    We are working to provide you with the most up to date listing of UK wide Dogging Spots. If you know of any places we should check out, please contact us.