Hogs Back Dogging Spot Gets Upgrade

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Improvements Coming Soon

A new project is set to upgrade a well known notorious dogging hotspot into a wildlife area with money being spent to ensure the Hogs Back dogging spot gets upgraded properly.

Puttenham Parish Council requested £3,500 from Guildford Borough Council towards a scheme dubbed the Hog’s Back Wildlife Conservation Project. The scheme aims to upgrade the facilities to provide a safe community area and encourage wildlife at the infamous dogging spot at Hog’s Back – the well known layby off the A31 close to the village of Puttenham near Guildford in Surrey.

At the local council’s committee meeting on Wednesday March 21st, council members decided that Councillor Simon Gimson should spend part of his budget on the scheme.

Richard Griggs, member of Puttenham Parish Council, stated “We are hoping to raise money to make sure we can do a worthwhile project. It will be in a region of the Hog’s Back where shrubbery and wildlife has been neglected. The parish council thought it a good idea to take the initiative to do something as the area has not been managed for years. It has been used by people locals would not want to circulate with!”

The Hogs Back dogging location is a well known Surrey dogging location popular with local and long distance doggers. Some local villagers have said in the past they had felt intimidated by the behaviour of these doggers, with concern also expressed from walkers who stumbled upon the public sex site and found pornographic magazines, litter and underwear in the bushes. In the past the Hogs Back dogging spot has even attracted local Guildford MP Anne Milton who stated it was completely unacceptable to see people having sex outdoors!

Although the project is clearly in its early stages, The Hog’s Back Wildlife Conservation Project may include cutting back overgrowth, planting herbaceous borders, with a range of attractive bedding plants and providing seating at the areas used by doggers, with it rumoured that installing lighting would be under future consideration.

Here at Dogging Direct we wish all involved well with the upgrade.

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