Doggers Give Council The Slip

A failed initiative by Maidstone Borough Council has led to doggers moving to a new location close to a residential area.

The council spent over £5,000 of public money on closing a layby at Longreach Woods just off the A249 that had been used by truckers to get rest for many years. However the doggers who used the spot have simply moved to another dogging location, and the new location endorsed by the council is just yards away from family homes in Detling.

To compound this, the council has spent more public money on roving CCTV cameras in the area.

dogging kent

Dogging Site at Detling Hill, Kent

The dogging activity at Detling Hill is taking place in full view of Bimbury Lane homeowners who overlook the private road.

One resident of 47 years said the situation was “beyond a joke”. The man, who did not want to be named, said: “Headlights shine across our back windows all hours of the night. Christmas Day, Boxing Day, they’re out there all year round. They do it over the bonnet of their cars, in between their cars. When I take my dog for a walk I’m constantly intimidated by people saying, ‘What are you looking at?’ He continued “I’ve even seen one bloke jump from a lorry in just his pants.”

One other resident recorded 36 cars behind her house between 7pm and midnight one evening.

The closure of the lay by at Longreach Woods by the local council has received unanimous blame for the increase in dogging activity on their doorstep.

Long time resident Jurgen Dittus, 50, who lives in Bimbury Lane with his wife and his 21 year old daughter, said: “I drive past after working late and you can see them in trees exposing themselves.”

Police have apparently stopped some forty cars in the area recently – although they have not explained why – and of course no arrests were made as no-one was breaking any laws.

On the Kent Online message boards, local man Micko puts things into perspective “This sort of thing goes on a lot it’s called ‘sex’ we have land/woods surrounding our house and couples/men/women often park off the road on our land for their fun. I could not care less as long as they are happy. Live and let live I say. As been shown on the A249 if you block one area they will find another. Make love not war.”

The dogging location at Detling Hill is just one of many places to go dogging in Kent and if the council were to spend more public money closing this road, doggers would, as Micko stated, simply move to another location.

Credit to Kent Online for breaking this story.

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