Dogging in Wales

There are many places to go dogging in Wales. These are what we consider to be the best dogging spots in Wales.

Dogging in Bangor

Oh what a fantastic name of a place to live. Oddly enough, dogging in Bangor is one of the best spots to go dogging in Wales. Parc Menai Country Estate Business Park is where you need to aim for - it's just off Junction 9 of the A55, three 3 miles to the west of Bangor. Parc Menai Business Park isn't your usual business park - yes, you get plenty of the identikit office boxes you get anywhere, but in the parklands and woods you will get all sorts of exhibitionists enjoying outdoor consensual dogging fun. Don't worry about the odd security patrols - these security guys are happy to direct you away from the offices and point you in the right direction for some dogging action.

Dogging in Bridgend

Take the A48 out of town, cross the M4 and you will find a layby on your right, before you get to Pyle. It's

Dogging in Caernarfon

Caernarfon Dinas Dinlle Beach which is five miles or so south of Caernarfon is where most dogging in Caernarvon goes on. Just south of the airport and the caravan park is where to find dogging in Gwynedd aka Sir Gaernarfon.

Dogging in Cardiff

Coming soon. Ooh err missus.

Dogging in Glamorgan

We will soon sort you out with dogging in Glamorgan spots. soon.

Dogging in Holyhead

If you are looking for dogging in Anglesey, you should head off to Holyhead Breakwater Country Park. From centre of Holyhead, make your way towards Newry Beach by following signs for "Breakwater Country Park" - as that's where SirFon Dogging in Anglesey will be happening.

Also consider these dogging locations in Wales.
Borth - the beach car park between Borth and Ynyslas.
Llandudno - The Happy Valley on the eastern side of the Great Orme.

These are our recommended spots to go dogging in Wales. By the very nature of dogging, some spots come and go, but this is as up to date as you will find anywhere.

We are working to provide you with the most up to date listing of UK wide Dogging Spots. If you know of any places we should check out, please contact us.