Scouse Dogging Humour

Merseyside dogging

The gate that locks out Merseyside doggers.

A crackdown by Merseyside Police on dogging in St Helens prompted some hilarious comments from Scousers on social media and in posts to the local newspaper, the Liverpool Echo.

It stemmed from an article published by the paper reporting that a secluded Merseyside car park that had become a hotbed for public sex is now locked up at night. There is now a yellow barrier at the infamous Sidings Lane dogging spot which is closed from dusk to dawn in a bid to deter dogging at the park.

The story in the newspaper attracted many comments from Scousers, who are of course famed for their sense of humour, including the following:-

“First they take the coffee pot out the office and we need to go all the way downstairs to the kitchen, now they take away our dogging! What else are we suppose to do?” (Gavin Winstanley)

“Just as soon as I pass me test and get a car as well.” (Kevin Lowe)

“Take the fun out of everything… Why not?” (Hugh Hallaron)

“Could be a good spot for the scrambler bikes now. Every cloud.” (Benedict Bell)

“I think they’re barking up the wrong tree.” (Ian Myler)

“With that gate im sure they wont mind getting their leg over.” (Mark Hodson)

“They’ll be stopping us on the golf courses next!” (Billy Swann)

“I went dogging once but it didn’t work out, got a slap in the face when I sniffed a woman’s bum for 5 mins then tried to mount her.” (Facebook post)

“I’d tweet Stan Collymore this sad news but he blocked me years ago.” (Tom Pines)

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Credit must go to The Liverpool Echo for initially reporting this story.


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