Badminton Estate Attracts Doggers

Proving that dogging is for everyone, news reaches us of randy posh doggers who are regularly at it in farm buildings on the Badminton Estate – the Gloucestershire estate owned by the Duke of Beaufort.

The Duke of Beaufort's Estate goes Dogging Crazy

The estate centres on Badminton House in Gloucestershire, ancestral home of the Duke of Beaufort, which is known for hosting the Badminton Horse Trials in the grounds of the home. The estate also hosts numerous fox hunts and the infamous Beaufort Hunt ball. The foxhound pack kennelled on the Badminton Estate is not the only dogging activity going on on the Duke of Beaufort’s estate though. One of the favourite spots for human dogging action is a burned-out barn on Drifton Hill, where doggers have even put in sofas to make it more comfortable for participants.

Residents from the Badminton estate have found many posh doggers would turn up to the buildings, often wearing PVC !

Nick Bush, a tenant farmer at the 52,000 acre estate who has witnessed keen doggers at it, said “On one occasion I found four bras hanging up. On another there were a couple of old boys who said, ‘We’re only here for having a bit of fun mate’.” He added “I have interrupted cars but I’ve never bothered to get out and remonstrate.”

posh dogging videos

Horsey Girl Looking For Fun

Instead Bush has asked the local police to get involved and intervene. Although trespassing on the Duke’s estate is a civil matter and providing no criminal activity is going on, there is no reason the police should be involved, the local Police Sergeant Phil Connor confirmed that “In the last two weeks we have had complaints from numerous outraged residents about vehicles arriving at the site and the occupants engaging in sexual activity. We are going to be doing extensive patrols in the evenings to deter any further activity and reassure those in the community.”

Local residents have been seeing cars pulling away late at night, cars regularly parked up and flashing their lights when anyone walks by, so it is blatantly obvious that there’s dogging going on. One woman, who has lived in the local village for fifty years said “It is surprising how many flash at you, but they never do us any harm. They do leave a lot of rubbish though.”

So there you have it, maybe if you are a local dogger you would be welcomed by the local residents if you keep it clean – the rubbish that is!

Meantime, if you live locally you should check out this Dogging in Gloucestershire guide.

Finally, credit to The Daily Telegraph for initially reporting this story.


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