Police provide sex guidance leaflets to doggers

Following up on our recent story about a council tidying up dogging locations, news reaches us that doggers using these locations have been given public sex guidance leaflets by the police.

Humberside Police have recently been “monitoring” the dogging spot along the A165 near Coniston and 18 people were confronted having sex with strangers. But surprise, surprise none of these 18 people were found to be committing any offences, and all were instead issued with a leaflet with guidance on public sex!

The infamous layby on the A165

Both undercover and uniformed police officers have been deployed to patrol around the area and Humberside Police confirmed that 18 people had been spoken to in one month. Some were found half-dressed, but claimed to be there for “legitimate reasons”. The police statement said “At least 18 individuals have been spoken to in these locations. All claim to be there for legitimate reasons and were given advisory leaflets. No offences have been found and no reports from the public have been received.”

Lay bys and car parks are ideal places to enjoy dogging, and here is a handy dogging spot locator to help you find a layby near you.

Meantime, here is a good resource on dogging and the law which will help clear up one or two misunderstandings as to the legality of dogging (in the UK).

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