No Dogging In Barnsley

An angry mother of three has put up a ‘No Dogging‘ sign outside her home after becoming fed up with doggers meeting near her home for multiple group action sex.


No Dogging Sign

27 year old Marie Owen said she spotted unknown vehicles turning up outside her home in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, after living at the house for just a few months. She said she was worried her young children could witness the nocturnal activity, so she decided to put up a sign urging ‘doggers’ to stay away.

Ms Owen moved into the home just a few months ago, but it wasn’t long before she spotted unknown vehicles turning up outside at night time. She said: “I looked out of the window and there was a car parked up and all of a sudden another turned up. I could see clear as day what was going on inside, and I was disgusted. It was happening right outside my house.”

Ms Owen initially put up a triangular ‘no dogging’ sign along with the words: ‘This is a child friendly area, not a dogging spot. Have some respect.’ The sign went on to say: ‘Smile, you’re on CCTV, you’re a filthy b******!’

Ms Owen said she was then forced to make another sign after the first one disappeared. She said: “Someone stealing it wasn’t enough to put me off. This time I got on a chair and stuck it in the same place but higher up so no-one could take it down easily.”

Ms Owen - and her dogging sign

The second home-made sign reads: ‘Do not remove this sign. It isn’t hurting anyone. Some people have no respect. If you don’t like my way of discouraging this behaviour, do one!’

She said: “As far as I’m concerned they can find somewhere else to get up to this behaviour. Let it be a warning to them, because I’m keeping my eye on them and if I see anyone pulling up again, I’ll be straight out there.”

If you want to go dogging elsewhere in Barnsley and steer clear of this mad woman, you can – just check out this dogging in Yorkshire guide.

Credit to The Daily Mail for initially reporting this story on dogging.


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