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Missing The Bus at the Canterbury Park and Ride

Kent Online has reported that a car park at a Canterbury Park and Ride is being used as a dogging location. This is news to us, and having spoken to our dogging contacts who live in and around Canterbury, it is news to them too!

The Sturry Road park and ride is operated by Canterbury City Council and spokesman Rob Davies had this to say: “We are naturally concerned to hear about this. We have CCTV cameras at the park and ride site so if any suspicious behaviour is spotted we will be able to report it.”

He confirmed they have not seen any “Lewd Liaisons” on their CCTV cameras, so why Kent Online would suggest that dogging is going on at this Park and Ride is beyond us.

Local man Micko confirmed “I think there are more CCTV cameras on this site than there are in Hollywood so people would be mugs to go dogging there.”

Our view is this is a bit of sloppy reporting by Kent Online and they have missed the bus, are rumour mongering and mischief making – and that they should investigate their facts properly. Or maybe we are wrong and they know something we don’t. Either way, let us know here by filling in the form and Contact Dogging Direct or better still, add a comment below.

Footnote:- Here is the link to the story by Kent Online.

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