First Time Dogging

In another example of how Dogging is becoming part of everyday life, what follows is a blog post written by a woman who writes about her sexual exploits. We liked her posting so much about the first time she went dogging, we have re-published an abridged version here, with her approval.

My First Time Dogging

My partner in crime in this tale is Kris a guy who I saw for a while, a few years ago. We shared an instant bond in our love of the less mainstream sexual practices, he loved women being completely used, consensually but in every possible way, essentially total cum whores. Dogging appealed to me, particularly the thought of multiple cocks – something which I had never experienced but always fantasised about. Our sex life was fairly normal, but with both of us really getting off on talking about dogging and swinging and other exciting things like that. Kris was fairly heavily into chat lines and would seemingly spend hours on there listening to random women frigging themselves into oblivion while he fed his fantasies and ideas of what was apparently happening. This amused me rather than turned me on, but I liked the things he was finding out and hearing about the various situations these women had got themselves into.

I was at university at the time, and Kris lived in London so I felt pretty cosmopolitan getting the train and tube to visit him at weekends – sounds ridiculous now when I think about it! I also loved the anonymity of the city, it felt like you could do anything there and it was so big, so populated, that nobody would ever find out. During the week we would chat on the phone and text one another, occasionally turning each other on so much we would have to take matters into our own hands, bringing ourselves off down the phone as he described what he would like to see me do, invariably with several guys at once. I love phone sex, it’s intimate yet dirty.

So anyway, one weekend I had the feeling something was going to happen. Something new and horny. Kris had teasingly mentioned going dogging but I’d joked that I’d need some heartburn relief if I was going to swallow that much cum! Lol. Obviously I’d never done anything like that before so I kind of wrote the idea off in my head, a situation reserved purely for fantasy- everyone has heard the stories of people’s fantasies becoming reality and going horribly wrong! I packed my stuff for London, nothing too overtly sexy, and set off. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, the usual sexy chat probably, and we went for a picnic on the Saturday afternoon. I remember the picnic specifically because, during a spooning style cuddle in the middle of the busy park, Kris slid his hands down the back of my jeans and fingered my pussy then pushed his wet finger up my arse. We were so close nobody could really have seen (unless they were looking!), so it was a hot little secret.

On the way home, we stopped off to get a couple of bottles of wine. Back at the flat I hit the wine, and the drunker I got, the hornier I became. I was going to do this, I decided, I was going to go dogging for the first time. Kris was obviously well up for the idea and had researched some local places to go. Despite being so turned on I was incredibly nervous, and kept drinking to numb my apprehension. I did my makeup, lots of smudgy black shadow and eyeliner, and brushed my hair before getting dressed. When we had talked about this type of thing before it had been agreed that ‘nice’ would be better than ‘complete slut’ in terms of clothing – a better contrast when it is ripped off, I suppose! So I wore a mid length black skirt, long black boots, push up bra and back vest. Not wearing knickers was my concession to sexiness. At the last minute I put a fitted blue and white shirt over the top as it was chilly that evening. Let us always be practical! Lol.

We got into the car and headed down the A3 and within a few minutes I couldn’t help myself, the excitement was driving me wild. I bent my legs up on the dashboard, hitched my skirt up and started playing with my clit. It felt amazing and I slid my finger up into my cunt, feeling how wet I was, simply with anticipation. I raised my finger to my mouth and sucked it clean, glancing over at Kris. He hadn’t drunk a drop and was desperately trying to keep his eyes on the road, although the bulge in his trousers told me he had seen exactly what I was up to. Eventually we turned off and followed the signs to the car park Kris had researched. As we pulled in there were a few seemingly empty cars parked up, but no sign of life so we assumed they were just left there for the night. All was quiet.

In his dogging research Kris had found that the signal for people to approach the car was to put the interior light on, and at some point before going we had decided that we would just get it on together in the car and, if I felt comfortable enough, we would put the light on when I was ready. What I hadn’t banked on was the foibles of his car. As soon as we stopped and turned the engine off the interior light flashed on. Immediately. I couldn’t look outside the car, the adrenaline was too much, so I looked over at Kris and we started snogging. I undid his trousers and sucked his already hard cock into my mouth, sliding up and down only a couple of times before he pushed my head away- he didn’t want to cum too soon and was already pretty buzzed up from the adrenaline and the situation in general. He kept glancing over my shoulder, but I steadfastly wouldn’t look outside. He pushed my legs apart and exposed my wet cunt as I pulled down my bra and vest, letting my nipples harden even further as the cool evening air hit them. Not having looked outside I didn’t really know what was going on, but Kris would later describe the scene as ‘like a pack of masturbating zombies’ walking slowly towards the car. The men had come over the instant the light had gone on, we reckoned later there were in excess of 20, all ages, shapes and sizes but with one thing in common: they had their hardening cocks in their hands and were stroking them slowly as they approached the car. Kris and I looked at each other, and it was wordlessly decided. This was the time. He pushed the button and wound down the passenger window.

sex in car

Everything happened very fast from that moment on. The second the window was down the first guy pushed his cock up near to me and I wrapped my hand around it. I couldn’t tell you how old he was or even what race he was, to me at that moment he was just a cock, and that’s all I wanted. I knelt up on the passenger seat and leaned out of the window, lowering my mouth onto his prick. I started to suck. I love sucking cock and my previous nerves evaporated as I swirled my tongue around his head, moaning a little as his hands reached forward to play with my tits. In a matter of moments he was bucking against my mouth, grabbing the back of my head as he shot his thick spunk onto my tongue and down my throat. The group of guys had grown and they were pushing against each other slightly to get to me. I opened my mouth and let the next cock slip in, massaging the shaft with my hand as I slid my mouth up and down, wetly. Once again it wasn’t long until my mouth was flooded with cum, but before I could even swallow it down there was another cock in its place, more hands on the back of my head. I don’t know how long we were there, but I sucked every guy that offered their cock. While I was sucking there were anonymous hands pawing my body, pinching and mauling my tits, reaching inside the car, ramming their fingers into my pussy. Kris tells me, from his vantage point (the back!), at one point there were 2 different guys finger fucking my cunt but still he guided another blokes finger into my asshole. I was dripping wet, but focussed on my sucking, creamy cum running down my chin, filling my stomach as I blew cock after cock. There are no exact figures but I know it wasn’t less than a dozen guys who came in my mouth, probably not even half the gathering, before Kris pulled me back into the car and wound the window up. He told me, in no uncertain terms, that we were going and I needed to put my seatbelt on. We drove off.

I was fuming! I let rip at Kris, telling him how horny I was and how much I had wanted to be fucked. I sat grumpily in the seat moaning about how unfair it all was, I had a stomach full of cum, a sticky face and soaking pussy, but what I really wanted was to be fucked. Hard and repeatedly. I let him know exactly how mad I was and sat petulantly slumped in the passenger seat.

Whether it was a reaction to my moodiness or part of the plan all along I don’t know, but soon we were pulling up into a different, quieter car park down a footpath near a foreign school. My grumpiness instantly eased. We were cooler this time, more experienced, and found how to put the light on when we were ready rather than a second after we arrived! It was very different at this place. When the light went on, two guys came over and started chatting a little to us. They seemed younger than the guys on the A3, but no less confident as within a few minutes both had unzipped themselves to reveal good sized, throbbing cocks. They were gentler than before, guiding themselves into my mouth, stroking my hair and making small talk. Things soon heated up though, and I soon had a cock in each hand and was sucking each one in turn. Kris was calmer this time too, wanking slowly behind me, tracing his fingers down my dripping cunt. After some careful attention to the fat cocks in front of me, both guys seemed ready to cum and tried to crowd both their pricks into my mouth at once. I tried hard to take them both but it was a struggle, and as I rubbed their cocks faster they came within seconds of each other, one straight into my willing mouth and the other mainly over my chin. I looked up at them, smiling smugly, and they both kissed me on the lips. I had to stifle a giggle when they popped their heads into the car and looked at Kris, frantically cleaning up his own cum, and waved ‘Cheers, mate!’

The window was up again and we were off back home. I didn’t complain this time, I think I was just too spent, although if I’m honest I was still a little frustrated. Back at the flat I didn’t really know what to say, but enjoyed hearing Kris recount the highlights of the evening as I brought myself to a hard, wet and long-awaited orgasm. We didn’t fuck, which seems a bit strange now, but I don’t think we needed anything more to enhance the buzz. My First Time Dogging – Amazing.

There you have it – a sexy lady writing up about her first time dogging. The original unabridged post can be found at Secret Sexploits – and if you want to read all about her other sexual adventures you can do so at her blog too.

If you are intrigues about the dogging phenomenom, you can find out much more about it at the Dogging Direct website including a comprehenseive guide to dogging etiquette.

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I would like to consider myself a dogging veteran after being on the scene for a few years now. I have met some very interesting people and have had my eyes opened to some amazing experiences too.
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