Dogging Sites Now Listed On SatNav

Dogging Sites are now so popular they are being listed on sat nav systems to help randy doggers navigate their way to new dogging spots for randy sessions with sex loving strangers.


A36 Dogging Layby

As reported by The Daily Mirror, Peter Wall, 71, was driving home from a business trip when his Garmin satnav device told him he was near a public sex site near Stapleford, Wiltshire. A picture of his Garmin sat-nav even showed a graphic of a man and woman to illustrate the “A36 Dogging Layby”. Mr Wall pulled over a few miles later and took a photograph of the x-rated alert “otherwise nobody would have believed me”. The grandad from Bristol, said: “I phoned my wife to tell her the satnav wanted me to stop at a dogging layby and she jokingly replied, ‘I suppose you’re on your way’”.


Shag Nav Display

A local Salisbury dogging enthusiast called Tony told us “This particular dogging spot is always busy, and we get doggers driving from miles away most weekends to join in the dogging fun. I did wonder why so many people from out of town came to join us, but if this dogging spot is listed on sat nav systems I’m not surprised. Mind you I suppose we should call them shag nav systems now though”!

Tony added that the A36 dogging layby near Salsibury pointed out by the Garmin shag nav system is one of the best dogging locations in Wiltshire!

Credit must go to The Daily Mirror for initially breaking this dogging news item.


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