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You can now get books about Dogging on Kindle – the digital e-book reader from Amazon.

One of the most popular dogging on Kindle e-books is called Dogging Slut – an erotic story written by Imogen Linn. It’s a great read, and here is an extract from the book….
dogging slut

Cocooned by the car, she felt both exposed and protected as she performed. Anita stared at the cocks around her, teasing the men by looking up to catch their eyes and lick her lips, or pouting outrageously as she rubbed particularly hard at her swollen clitoris.

She was getting more and more aroused, now, her whole body writhing in the seat as she dug her fingers into her pussy, bracing herself with a hand on the glass of her window. She felt something bumping against the glass, and saw a hard cock being pressed to the glass outside, where her hand was.

Anita smiled, wickedly, and started sliding her hand up and down the window glass, as if stroking the hard shaft. The men soon picked up the game, and several cocks were soon pressed to the window. She shifted in her seat and used both hands on the glass, going from cock to cock and ‘stroking’ them, looking into their owners’ eyes, when they would meet her gaze, and licking her lips.

Her face was just a few inches from the glass, her hands spread to cover two cocks, when she saw a third, directly in front of her, the purple head pointed at her face, a hand blurring up and down the hard shaft as the man jerked off over the beautiful naked slut in the car before him.

Anita had an idea. Cupping her breasts in her hands, she pressed them to the window, directly in front of his cock – the glass cold and hard against her sensitive nipples. She looked him in the eye and raised an eyebrow, grinning at him in a silent challenge to spray her beautiful tits with his seed. She felt the impact as his cum hit the window, splashing against the glass and slowly trickling down.

Anita kept her eyes on his as she pressed her face to the window, opening her mouth and sweeping her tongue up the glass. The hot wave of arousal she felt as she mimed licking up a stranger’s cum, in front of many more, was breathtaking. She let out something between a moan and a laugh as it coursed through her.

Her mind seemed fogged with lust, and the glass was suddenly intolerable – she wanted to feel those hot, hard cocks in her hands. Anita watched her own hand, which seemed to be acting all by itself, as her finger pressed the button to wind the window down…

Phew – that’s got us all hot – and this is just an extract – it gets a lot steamier. It is so easy to download this book for your Kindle from Amazon.  Haven’t got a Kindle yet? Then check out the latest Kindle models now.

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I would like to consider myself a dogging veteran after being on the scene for a few years now. I have met some very interesting people and have had my eyes opened to some amazing experiences too.
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