Dogging Layby Shuts in Hampshire

Dogging Layby near Alresford

Dogging Layby near Alresford

A lay-by on the A31 near Alresford near Winchester has been recently shut off by Hampshire County Council. With dogging getting ever more popular, this particular dogging location had just become too much for the local councillors, as there were often queues of people waiting to join in the action, with cars occasionally backing up along the main carriageway.

After a number of complaints by local villagers, Hampshire Council took matters into its own hands by installing timber kerbs to stop people using the lay-by for outdoor sex. Hampshire council said that they had been inundated with complaints from local residents as the area was being used for people meeting sexual partners and heading off into the woods for dogging encounters.

Councillor Sean Woodward who is Hampshire’s executive member for transport said “The road has been physically narrowed to limit its use to a service road for accessing local properties only and is no longer suitable for stopping and parking. Early indication shows that this measure has been a success, but we will continue to monitor the situation.”

Nigel Reeves, a local dogging fanatic, said “It’s disappointing it has come to this. This particular place was a great place to come. It had loads of room to park, and more importantly it was often a real fuckfest at weekends, and I have had many fun nights there, with a variety of women. You get to see some regular faces there, and some regular pussy too come to think of it, and I will certainly miss that.”

However, Nigel and other doggers of Hampshire shouldn’t be too deterred over one lay-by being cut off, as there are plenty of other dogging spots in Hampshire they can have fun in.

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