Dogging Indoors

A swingers club is going to build a special ‘Dogging Room’ so people can enjoy dogging indoors.

In response to members requests, Secrets, in Sunderland, wants to create a special dogging room complete with a real full sized car so that its members can experience and enjoy dogging indoors.

A regular at Secrets, who gave her name as Roxie, stated “I have never actually been dogging before – but I have always wanted to. I quite fancy the prospect of dogging indoors at Secrets. I just love being watched, this will be very exciting. It will be certainly be warmer indoors, than outdoors in some damp car park, and this way I won’t have to wear any thermals. Come to think of it, I won’t have to wear any panties at all!”

dogging indoors

Indoor Dogging

Secrets is also going to use a section of its building for overnight accommodation, so that the doggers and swingers have somewhere to spend the night. Roxie commented “That sounds great – I do like the idea of staying the night rather than going elsewhere. This way I won’t even have to change clothes – although I may have to change rooms during the night :)”

Sunderland City Council have asked the venue, on Villiers Street, Sunderland, to apply for planning permission, which would allow those with concerns to submit official objections.

Those objecting may well include Father Chris Jackson, who is parish priest of Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church, in Penshaw, Sunderland as he was among those to speak out against the club’s expansion plans, describing Indoors Dogging as ‘the last thing Sunderland needs’!

Sam Bilcher, who works in the area, said the club does not bother him. “We’re here nine to five so it’s not going to affect us at all and this area tends to be dead after 6pm. I suppose I can sympathise with anyone living round here but it’s not very residential so I guess that’s why they chose it.” he said.

Colleague Neal Wright said: “I don’t think they’re doing any harm, I could think of worse things to be opening along there. As long as no-one’s getting hurt then what’s the fuss? I bet no-one would even notice it if they didn’t know it was there.”

A statement on the Secrets website reads: ‘We offer a relaxed and friendly environment to meet like-minded people. All new members are shown around and given chance to ask questions. We are a totally non-pushy venue”. The swingers club wants to “encourage swinging in every way, shape and form” and there is no suggestion that sex is being sold at Secrets, meaning it is not breaking the law. Yes, swinging – where couples swap sexual partners – is legal so if you live in the area Secrets will soon be the place to go if you want to try dogging indoors.

Meantime, to check out where you can go dogging outdoors throughout the UK, check out this Dogging Locations guide.

Meantime, thanks to The Daily Mail and The Sunderland Echo for the source material used in this article.

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