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You can now get books about Dogging on Kindle – and one of the most popular dogging ebooks is called Dogging My First Encounter a story about Michael, a young man that has always felt on the outside looking in, especially when it came to his sex life. Buoyed by his intense desire to experience something new, Michael visits a dogging spot one night and is taken in to a whole new sexual world. Here we provide an extract from this great dogging ebook….

dogging my first encounter

I slowed my pace as I entered the car park. It was deserted, as I expected it to be at 10.30 p.m. Hidden behind an office building and with no residential areas nearby, it was the perfect location.

While it was used, during the day, for workers at any of the office buildings that
littered the area, after office hours, it had a whole new purpose all together, attracting the attention of only a select few who knew its true function. I was told, by a close friend, that this car park was a private hotspot for the dogging scene. The thought sent shivers through my body that lingered around my groin.

The thrill of meeting a stranger for nothing more than a sexual encounter had excited me, ever since I first became aware that dogging existed. I’m not normally one to believe tales of sexual exploits from friends; however I gave this one credibility, simply because it was Janine who told me. I’ve known her for a few years and she had never been one to brag, especially about her sex life. The stories, Janine portrayed had me hooked and I just had to come here to experience it for myself.

I saw movement out the corner of my eye and turned in its direction. A car had pulled off the main road and was creeping its way up to the car park. It slowly pulled in and parked on the opposite side from where I stood. I wondered if they could see me.

I walked back out into the open where I was standing before; next to a tree in the middle, just off the car park, about twenty yards from the vehicle. They should be able to see me here. A few moments ticked by and I tried not to stare, but I did glance in the car’s direction a few times, to see if they were still there.

Then, surprisingly, the car’s headlights flicked on and off. Taking a deep breath, I started to make my way over, my heart beating faster with every step. As the car loomed closer I noticed the windows were blacked out, blocking any attempt to see in. As I reached the driver’s side, the window was just coming down. A light was on in the car, and I was met with the face of a middle-aged man. I just started to feel disappointed when he suddenly grumbled, “Other side mate”, gesturing with his head as he spoke.

I shot a quick glance at the passenger’s seat, barely seeing a woman lounged there before the window slid up again, shutting off my view. I quickly moved around to the other side. Her window was already down, and an older woman was sat there. She had long, dark, brown hair that hung down just past her breasts and deep, warm hazel eyes. She had a nice round face however she was not overweight. Her ample breasts, pushed up against the tight low cut top she wore, bursting to escape; I had a hard time keeping my eyes on her face. Even though she was much older than me she was still very beautiful. She gave a seductive smile.

She leant forward, giving me a good view down her top, blood began rushing to my lower half as I stared. “You like them?” she purred. “I love them” I replied. Somehow I managed to pull my attention from her heaving bosom, to look her in the eye. Flicking a glance in the driver’s direction, I wondered what part he would play. “You don’t mind an audience, do you?” she asked, catching my glance. “An audience, to what?” I asked in a playful manner. The woman smiled mischievously.

Crikey – that’s got us all hot – and this is just an extract – it gets a lot steamier. It is so easy to download this dogging ebook for your Kindle from Amazon.  Haven’t got a Kindle yet? Then check out the latest Kindle models at Amazon now.

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I would like to consider myself a dogging veteran after being on the scene for a few years now. I have met some very interesting people and have had my eyes opened to some amazing experiences too.
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