Dogger of the Month – July 2012

45 years old Sarah from Hull is this month’s Dogger of the Month.

Dogger of the Month Sarah

Sarah enjoying the countryside

Sarah has written a very unusual and very interesting profile…

“Sex with older men, dont mind how old. Like men with a very dirty mind and “natural” sex as nature intended excites me, gets aroused thinking about nothing between me and the men i have met for sex. No latex, no artificial hormones, stopping me ovulating. Just feeling a stiff penis thrusting and hot seed jetting and spurting deeply. I was completely faithful until last september but was very frustrated. I had a rotten day at work and I pulled into a layby off the road which i had heard was a meeting place. I sat and there were other cars there. A man who was a lot older and who my friends would have said was pervy looking, you know shifty eyes, thinning greasy grey hair, really old fashioned clothes and pot belly got out and passed my car and moved his head inviting me. He went in some bushes. My heart was hammering and I nearly just drove off, but then I was getting out of the car. I went in the bushes. The man was facing me masturbating. God he was nearly as old as my Dad. He nodded down and asked me to touch his penis, then while I was doing it he pulled my skirt up and then tugged my knickers down. He touched me then he asked me to lie on a bit of grass. I knew it was stupidly risky not asking about a condom but I was sort of in a bit of a crazy state of mind and he never even mentioned using one. The man got on top of me. He was stiff, but his penis was sticking straight out rather than up, but it was effective enough.”

You’ve got us turned on Sarah, and she has more to say too…

Sarah in her everyday clothes

I helped him penetrate me. He was fairly big and I knew the tip of his penis was pressing against the entrance of my womb. His thrusts got faster and harder and I started to orgasm as he ejaculated and spurted his sperm up inside me. I heard a car door while he was having sex and another man was watching aged about 50 with overalls on. I still had my business suit on. When the older man finished, he got up and I could see he had released alot of sperm inside me.

The other man didn’t ask if I wanted sex with him or anything. He just said OK love stay down there and he knelt down unfastening himself to have sex. He said “Oh good, you like to be properly spunked.” He kneeled down,then got on top of me and put his penis into me straight away.

I could hear other mens voices and it freaked me out. He had hard sex and came inside me. When he finished I got up got in my car quick and drove. I was scared but incredibly aroused and I wanted more. Was 3 days late with my period which scared the hell out of me, but weirdly also got me excited. Have been back several times recently.

As you can see, that’s not your typical profile description, and it should give you a good insight into Sarah’s character and why she is the dogger of the month.

Just click on any of her pictures to find out more. Two other things to know – she is hairy down below, and her favourite position is missionary style.

If you would like to see and find out more about other doggers just visit the main Dogging Direct site. If you want to see where doggers in Hull go, check out this Dogging in Humberside guide.

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I would like to consider myself a dogging veteran after being on the scene for a few years now. I have met some very interesting people and have had my eyes opened to some amazing experiences too.
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