Doctor Demands Official Dogging Areas

A doctor has demanded that official designated dogging areas be set up in the UK, after becoming fed up with stumbling across groups of randy men watching dogging couples having sex in public.

Dr Lisa Van Zyl, from Cardiff Bay, stumbled across one couple romping in their car while showing an elderly pal ancient mine workings near to Fforest Fawr car park. She says she is “exasperated” from constantly knocking on car windows and catching steamy couples in the act, and she is now calling for designated dogging spots in the UK so families with children don’t stumble across couples romping in their cars.

She told Wales Online: “It was quite shocking to find lots of middle aged men watching a couple in a car. If there was a place away from people normally parking and taking their kids out, where people who wanted to avoid being caught, it would be a sensible approach. But the council would never approve such a plan because it would be an electoral disaster.”

She added: “I have no objection in principle to consenting adults enjoying carnal activities with each other. Not even if they wish to do so outdoors with lots of people watching them.”

She has now called on Cardiff council to create “designated, clearly marked areas in Cardiff’s forests and parks in which consenting adults can pursue their hobby without the rest of us having to see them do it. Clearly signposted designated spaces within our public forests and parks with dedicated parking would allow enthusiasts of outdoor sex (both as participants and observers) to enjoy their hobby without accidental interruption by those of us making more traditional use of Cardiff’s outdoor spaces with our dogs, kids, bikes, and friends.”

Dr Van Zyl added: “Anyone who regularly hikes or cycles Cardiff’s forest trails know how popular this hobby has become. I have had incidents in the past where people have parked in cycle lanes. I’m sure I’m not the only cyclist who is getting more than a little exasperated having to knock on the windows of cars containing couples energetically pursuing their hobby to politely ask them to move their car as it is blocking the cycle path.”


Fforest Fawr Car Park

A local Welsh dogging enthusiast called Mervyn told us “I know all the best dogging spots in Cardiff, and the good doctor is right. There are more and more people coming dogging these days, and the car parks are often not big enough, so I can understand why people have to park along the cycle paths. I do like her idea though, maybe we should get together and start a campaign to create official dogging areas.

Credit must go to Wales Online for initially breaking this story.


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