Carma Sutra – The Doggers Handbook

If you have ever wanted a book on how to have sex in a car, here is the answer with Cama Sutra – the auto erotic handbook – also know as the Doggers Handbook.

Unbuckle your seatbelt for this, the first ever manual of sex positions for in car entertainment. Fully illustrated and packed with helpful, practical advice, this glove compartment sized car sex guide contains everything couples and singles need to rev up their sex drive!

Carma Sutra

Carma Sutra Handbook


This little how to have sex in a car book, Carma Sutra is a comprehensive guide to getting it on in the passenger seat – or the back seat for that matter.

The book is loaded with in car sex positions and illustrations with plenty of helpful advice.

It’s a handy book to have in your glovebox, and pulling it out can get you in the mood at any time. Fnarr, Fnarr.

According to Forum magazine who reviewed the book “Making love in a layby together nor dogging in a car park will never be the same again”.

While that may well be overstating it a bit, it’s a fun book to have in your glove box and is a bargain at less than a tenner, and you can buy the doggers handbook direct from Amazon by clicking on either of the images.


Getting it on in a Honda

The Carma Sutra book has pages and pages of information on how to get it on depending on what car you have.

So with specific model advice, you will be able to get into the best position to have sex in your car.

Even if your car is not featured, you will be able to adapt the information and get yourself in the mood for some car sex.

If you care about this kind of thing, the authors of the book Alex Gaines and Esther Selsdon are a husband and wife team whose passion is having sex in the car, and so they wrote a book on the best way to have sex in a car, taking their inspiration form the ancient Kama Sutra multiple sex positions guide. He is supposedly a mechanic, who has also done reviews of in car gadgetry for The Financial Times, whilst she apparently is a feature writer for Vogue.

Meantime, if you are into sex in the car, here is a handy dogging spot locator to help you find a layby near you so you can try out one or two of the positions in this car sex handbook.

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I would like to consider myself a dogging veteran after being on the scene for a few years now. I have met some very interesting people and have had my eyes opened to some amazing experiences too.
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