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Police Notice

Police have put up notices around a popular dogging spot on the Bristol Downs to warn people against having sex there.

The notices have been posted on trees in the woods and on lamp posts in Circular Road and Ladies Mile, near the wooded area in Clifton Downs.

Each notice reads: “We have received numerous complaints from members of the public about inappropriate behaviour in these woods.

“We would like to remind people that this is a public area which is used by all members of the community.”

“Please respect these woods and the people who use them. We are regularly patrolling the area and will prosecute people committing criminal offences.”

“We appreciate your co-operation.”

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset police said: “We are aware of inappropriate behaviour taking place in the wooded areas off Circular Road. Posters are being put up explaining our actions.”

Beat manager PC Jeanette Cadden said: “This is a lovely area, popular among dog walkers, joggers and other members of the public, who should be free to enjoy the woods without worrying about what they might see, especially in the middle of the day.


Bristol Dogging Location

Local dogger Billy Bigcock commented “We might well have a new set of people coming to our Bristol dogging meetups now thanks to the coppers publicising our dogging place, so we should be grateful for that I guess. I hope we will get some bigger ladies coming along, because they are my favourites, as they have so much more to give than the skinny ones.”

Another local, who goes by the name of RiverMonster got in touch with the local paper to say “I walk my dog off the lead there every other day and luckily haven’t bumped into anyone doing strange things. It would be awkward as my dog is big, friendly and likes sniffing bums. Doggers beware!”

If the Clifton Downs dogging spot does get too busy, we suggest Aust Wharf, near Severn Bridge where the action happens near the bridge at the end of the road. Also worth a visit is Backwell Lake, just off station road, next to Nailsea and Backwell railway station, and finally not too far away is the infamous Tog Hill dogging spot. All of these locations can be found at our dogging in Avon guide, and also the comprehensive UK dogging locations guide.

Credit must go to The Bristol Post for initially reporting this dogging story.


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