16 men watch dogging couple have sex in Swansea car park

News reaches us that up to sixteen doggers have been seen pleasuring themselves whilst watching a kinky dogging couple having sex in Swansea Bay car park.

The men were watching a couple having sex in a car at the well known Jersey Marine location, which has a reputation as one of the best places to enjoy dogging in Wales.


Swansea Dogging Car Park

An LGBT charity was called out by police after it was first thought the doggers were gay men, but it turned out to be a group of enthusiastic heterosexual observers watching a horny heterosexual couple having sex.

Andrew Davies, chief executive of LGBT charity Unity Group Wales, said: “I had a call from South Wales police asking can you go up to Jersey Marine car park as there are between 12 and 16 men in a car park masturbating. Quite often I get asked by the police to go around to Jersey Marine and Penllergare Woods car park as they are known for dogging. I was asked to visit the site, as it was presumed the men were homosexual. However, the group were actually heterosexual men watching a couple having sex.”

He said the group is often contacted by the police to visit both the Jersey Marine site and also by Penllergare Woods, on the motorway services side of the woods, as they were known dogging and cruising spots.

Locals have jumped to the defence of the doggers with one named Pete posting on the Wales Online website “I would prefer to see a sign saying doggers this way; and another one saying judgemental ill-informed weirdos straight on.”

Another comment by a different local was “If people wish to have other people watching them have sex, carry on, and if the voyeurs want to seek exhibitionists up for this type of behaviour that’s your choice.”

It is common knowledge that Wales is becoming one of the UK’s top dogging locations and this was confirmed by a local dogger called Emlyn who told us that the woods just off the Swansea Bay car park is a great place and that the site often attracts many regulars who take advantage of the many private places on offer in the woods. He said that if was unusual to have so many men there at one time, but he reckons that word must have spread quickly that the show was worth watching.

Credit must go to Wales Online for reporting this story.


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