Tamara Grace Goes Dogging

Tamara Grace is a very horny babe who loves dogging with strangers, and she has been filmed a number of times in true exhibitionist style having fun with other doggers.

In the movie A Hot Dogging Mission Tamara is very much up for it, and her boobs are very much on display from start to finish. Soon after arriving at the dogging location she is having her huge boobs groped, before she gets down on her knees to pleasure a series of lucky doggers.


Tamara Grace – A Hot Dogging Mission

In one of her early pornstar appearances where she features in the movie High Class Dogging, Tamara is dressed in a short denim skirt, and she is soon involved in a threesome with two lucky guys, and this posh totty clearly enjoys it, and not long afterwards, she is on her knees giving head to finish them off and leave them with a big smile on their faces.

Tamara Grace – High Class Dogging

Other dogging movies she has appeared in include Hot Blonde Dogging which is a very apt title, and the wonderfully titled Dogging Dick Spunkfest where Tamara gets into a wild blowbang style where she takes on a gang of eager doggers who want to upload the contents of their balls all over her pretty face and upturned tits. She has appeared in plenty of other hardcore dogging movies as well as other more mainstream porn films.

By way of background, slender leggy British babe Tamara was born in London in March 1989, and her star sign is Aries, and her enhanced boobs giove her measurements of 34C-24-34.

Grace started out in the adult industry in 2009 and first began performing in explicit hardcore movies in 2010. Tamara has appeared in a many X-rated features for companies including Brazzers, Daring, Digital Playground, Dorcel, Mofos, Killergram, Pornostatic and Private.

She is five feet nine inches tall and normally has shoulder length hair and she is softly spoken. She admits to not being a huge gym fan, and uses her strong sexual appetite to get her physical workouts. Tamara has three tattoos as well as piercings in her navel and right nipple, often sporting a tidy landing strip, rather than being completely shaven. Her favourite sexual positions are squatting on top and doggy style. Not surprisingly, she has a very big twitter following too, so you may wish to follow Tamara on twitter, and if you don’t already follow us and you want to see more pictures of horny dogging babes, then we suggest you follow us on twitter too.

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16 men watch dogging couple have sex in Swansea car park

News reaches us that up to sixteen doggers have been seen pleasuring themselves whilst watching a kinky dogging couple having sex in Swansea Bay car park.

The men were watching a couple having sex in a car at the well known Jersey Marine location, which has a reputation as one of the best places to enjoy dogging in Wales.


Swansea Dogging Car Park

An LGBT charity was called out by police after it was first thought the doggers were gay men, but it turned out to be a group of enthusiastic heterosexual observers watching a horny heterosexual couple having sex.

Andrew Davies, chief executive of LGBT charity Unity Group Wales, said: “I had a call from South Wales police asking can you go up to Jersey Marine car park as there are between 12 and 16 men in a car park masturbating. Quite often I get asked by the police to go around to Jersey Marine and Penllergare Woods car park as they are known for dogging. I was asked to visit the site, as it was presumed the men were homosexual. However, the group were actually heterosexual men watching a couple having sex.”

He said the group is often contacted by the police to visit both the Jersey Marine site and also by Penllergare Woods, on the motorway services side of the woods, as they were known dogging and cruising spots.

Locals have jumped to the defence of the doggers with one named Pete posting on the Wales Online website “I would prefer to see a sign saying doggers this way; and another one saying judgemental ill-informed weirdos straight on.”

Another comment by a different local was “If people wish to have other people watching them have sex, carry on, and if the voyeurs want to seek exhibitionists up for this type of behaviour that’s your choice.”

It is common knowledge that Wales is becoming one of the UK’s top dogging locations and this was confirmed by a local dogger called Emlyn who told us that the woods just off the Swansea Bay car park is a great place and that the site often attracts many regulars who take advantage of the many private places on offer in the woods. He said that if was unusual to have so many men there at one time, but he reckons that word must have spread quickly that the show was worth watching.

Credit must go to Wales Online for reporting this story.


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Concrete Blocks Installed to Stop Dogging

News reaches us that “Dogging Blocks” have been installed in car parks at a national park beauty spot in a bid to stop doggers enjoying late night sexual encounters, which will come as disappointing news to the many sex hungry men and women who regularly use the well known dogging spots at Llwyn-Onn Reservoir in the Brecon Beacons National Park.


Llwyn-Onn Reservoir

Welsh Water, who own the land, has spent £50,000 creating these dogging blocks by installing concrete barricades by the car parks alongside the reservoir and filling them in with tons of chippings. A spokeswoman said: “We have been carrying out work following complaints regarding anti-social behaviour in the area. We have been working closely with local authorities, the community and the police to prevent future incidents at these sites.”

A workman said: “One of the car parks has been blocked off and filled in, the other has been fitted with a large lockable security gate.”

A local Welsh dogging enthusiast called Mervyn told us “It is a pity it has come to this. For quite a while it has attracted all sorts of interesting people, some who drive many miles. It is a great place, one of the best spots to enjoy dogging in Wales in fact.” He also said that the site attracts many regulars who take advantage of the many private places on offer in the woods. He went on to tell us that there are many paths lead off from the car parks and once you know where to go, you are in for a good time. He said he will have to go searching for other dogging locations in Wales now!

Sandra Davies, of the local Merthyr Valley Ramblers, said: “It seems a bit heavy handed and unfair on genuine country lovers using the National Park. They’ve spent a lot of money blocking the car parks off but these doggers will just move to other locations in the area.” Ms Davies told Vanessa Feltz, who is hosting Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine programme, that Welsh Water could have put something else in place like a “sleeping bollard” which would halt night-time visitors but would allow drivers to park during the day. She also said she planned to raise her concerns with the UK Ramblers head office.


One of the car parks used by doggers

Credit must go to The Telegraph for initially breaking this story.


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Britain’s Naughtiest Wood Closed!

News reaches us that The Woodland Trust has been aware of sex hungry men and women regularly using the well known dogging spot at Uffmoor Wood, near Halesowen in Worcestershire for some time, and have taken the decision to close access to the park because of too many doggers using the woodland for naughty dogging sessions.

Uffmoor Wood has long been known to locals as Britain’s naughtiest woodland. It has some two hundred acres of forest that is so naughty that the Woodland Trust has taken the rare step of shutting it down until it improves. Yes, that’s right – the beauty spot at Uffmoor Wood has officially been closed because of too many doggers. So, if you go down to Uffmoor Wood today, you’re sure of a big surprise – you simply won’t be able to get in.

Hollie Anderson of the trust points out that closing a Trust property is unprecedented. “It’s escalated over the years. We’ve owned Uffmoor since the 1980s and it’s only since the 2000s that it’s got really bad. It seems to have something to do with the rise of the internet and social media.”

Gareth Hopkins, regional operations manager for the Woodland Trust, said he hoped the action was “not a permanent measure”.

Uffmoor Wood

Uffmoor Wood

The trust’s website page for Uffmoor Wood has a number of comments in which concerns have been raised. One rambler wrote on the Trust’s message board: “I was at the woods earlier this week. Six cars in the car park, four of them occupied. I assume they were there to ‘make friends’, as though I walked through the woods with my dog for about an hour I saw no one else, at all. On my return to my car, there were several different cars – also occupied.”

It is common knowledge that Uffmoor Wood is ranked as one of the UK’s top dogging locations and this was confirmed by a local dogger called Sam who told us that this really is a great place and that the site attracts many regulars who take advantage of the many private places on offer in the woods. He said that there are many paths that criss cross one another, but if you know where to go, you will have a good time. He said he will have to go searching for other dogging locations in Worcestershire now!

Credit must go to The Birmingham Mail for reporting this story.


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Crystal Saunders Goes Dogging

Crystal Saunders is a very randy MILF who really loves dogging and she has been filmed a number of times in true exhibitionist style having fun with other doggers.

Total Dogging Addiction

Total Dogging Addiction

In the Killergram film Total Dogging Addiction, Crystal is dressed as a very prim and proper business woman, in a pinstripe suit, yet underneath she has a tight fitting white blouse and very sexy black stockings. It isn’t long before she has her top off, revealing her beautiful big boobs, and she is soon on her knees giving head to four guys.


Ultimate Milf Babe – Crystal Saunders

In The Ultimate Milf Babe Crystal arrives in her car wearing a very slutty see through number, and with sexy boots and black hold up fishnet stockings, she looks very horny. This hot milf is very much up for it, and she is soon having her huge boobs groped, before she gets down on her knees to pleasure a lucky dogger.


Crystal Saunders – Ultimate Milf

In the movie A Dogging Sexy Milf Crystal excels herself by plays the role of a slutty secretary. She is dressed in black stockings and a short slut skirt, and it’s not long before this blonde sex bomb’s lipstick on a number of guys’ cocks.


A Dogging Sexy Milf – Crystal Saunders

Another dogging movie she appeared in was called The Dogging Voyeurs where she brings her slaggy mate with her this time. She plays with her huge tits and she masturbates while her slutty friend gives head to five guys, before Crystal joins in.

By way of background, glamourous MILF Crystal Saunders comes from Halesowen, which is near Birmingham and she describes herself as a trim busty sexy light brunette with a sun kissed complexion. Her measurements are 36DD-30-32; her star sign is Aries, and she thinks that her best feature is her legs.

She has hazel coloured eyes, is five feet six inches tall, weighs about eleven stone, and has shoulder length hair. She has very a discrete tattoo and she is mostly shaved down below, often sporting a tidy landing strip, rather than being completely shaven. Her favourite sexual positions are being on all fours, and squatting on top “for a deep sensation” as she puts it.

She admits to losing her virginity at the age of sixteen and she clearly loves doing it in a car as she said her first time was “out in a car over the common”.

She has a strong appetite for horny sex, and she just loves being an exhibitionist. You may want to check out these dogging locations where you might just find her caught in the act, so to speak!

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